Getting Back to Me

Well folks, Chase and I broke up for the final time. Yeah it’s been a hard few months and I finally just couldn’t take it any longer. (No I don’t want to talk about it so I’m basically going to leave those parts out of my blogs.)  I really want to get back to myself though and part of that self is writing this blog and sharing with you all my passion for intuitive eating and nutrition. I hope you’re all still around to listen!


This morning I was up around 5am, hungry. I toasted two slices of whole wheat bread and slathered one with cashew butter and pumpkin butter, and the other with Costco’s new natural crunchy peanut butter and white raspberry jam. All with a big mug of 2% milk. Now that it’ll be just me I’m totally switching to 1%.

My main goal today was to stay out of the apartment. So as soon as 8am rolled around I headed straight to the pool for a glorious one hour lap swim. I really do love swimming. It’s completely captured for me the Health At Every Size philosophy of the joy of movement. Doing movement because you love it, not because you’re worried about weight. It’s seriously that for me. I’d swim 2x a day if I had the time.


After swimming I grabbed a Grande (so I need to start reminding myself that this is too much for me to drink!) Salted Caramel Mocha with only half the pumps of syrups, nonfat, no whip. I couldn’t finish it but it was very good. I studied for my medical nutrition therapy exam at a friend’s.


Around 1pm I got hungry and munched on these scrumptious dried cinnamon apple chips my mum got me at Pike’s Market when she was visiting. I love the texture!


Of course, that only just fueled my appetite so eventually I succumbed to a Spinach Feta Wrap. I don’t think I’ll be eating these anymore. My tummy got all gassy.


I did head back to the apartment for dinner and reheated the last slices of pizza from Garlic Jim’s, these with fresh basil and roasted garlic. For my veg I made a delectable salad with arugula, tomatoes, and a drizzle of ranch. That’s right folks. I do like ranch and no man is ever gonna change that.

Anyway, I’m back and slowly trying to put myself back together. Please hang in there with me.


2 thoughts on “Getting Back to Me

  1. Yesss your back!! I’ve missed you ❤ time sure does fly! I'm sorry to know you've been sad. It's good you took time to sort through things you'll get your happy back .. If you need anything I'm here. Take care of yourself! Xoxo

  2. I am really sorry to hear that Robyn, and sorry this has been a hard time for you. I won’t say more about that because I don’t know anything about your situation and so it would be presumptuous of me (and I hate that from other people). But I will say that I hope whatever decisions you are making right now are what feels comfortable and ultimately for the best. You are stronger than you feel right now, just trust yourself, even though it doesn’t feel right. Otherwise I am glad you are back and trying to do things for yourself now. Keep it up Robyn! All things do pass, I know this. 🙂

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