Into the Woods

Whaaa. I feel like I can just not keep up.


Friday morning half a pear was eaten before 4am.

photo 2-14

On my first break I sipped down this comforting doppio ristretto with one pump white mocha, hot water, and a splash of half and half.

photo 3-8

For my breakfast I tried Larabar’s new ALT bar (Peanut Butter Cookie or something). BLEH. I have one more but I don’t think I’ll ever bother with them again. I also munched on some pomegranate and tried to drink this Grande soy chai tea with two shots of espresso (aka double dirty chai!). I couldn’t finish it but chai and espresso tastes great!


When I got home from work I was hangry. I quickly heated up the other half of my Red Robin burger and devoured it along with some fresh veggies with dip.

photo 1-16

For my workout, Chase and I ended up going for an hour (4 mile) through the forest.

photo 2-15

It was really cool to see all the different mushrooms and shrubbery.

photo 3-9

While we walked Chase helped me work on my interview answers for the mock phone interview I have on Monday to prepare me for maybe getting a real interview for my dietetic internship. Bleh. I tried not to be cynical about it.


Once we got back inside where it was warm I snacked on some RF Wheat Thins and cheese.


I didn’t ruin my appetite for dinner though. Canned vegetarian baked beans (I know I need to make my own but I don’t have time for that!!), sautéed cabbage, and roasted parsnips. 


Boo-Boo wanted to say hi while she munched on celery.




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