Glass Museum

I just want to get caught up! T.T Here’s an even more exciting Saturday!


Again, the other half of that pear was eaten to get my metabolism going…


On my first break I had my usual doppio and then on my breakfast break I had a serving of TJ’s Pumpkin Granola with nonfat milk. It really didn’t quell my hunger but I was too down in the dumps to do anything more. I tried to study while I ate.


When I got home I sipped down a venti Valencia orange refresher, the leftover creamy tomato soup from my school cafeteria, and some Wheat Thins and cheese. I kept it light because…


We later met my mom and her friend and fellow reader, Rita, for dinner at Green Leaf in Seattle!


I stuck with my normal food of a vegetarian vermicelli bowl. Pure heaven. I was also extremely hungry so I ate the whole thing! I left slightly uncomfortable but not stuffed.


For the main event of the evening we went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. It was all the way back in August of 2012 that Chase and I stumbled upon this hidden gem and vowed to take my mother to it. ^_^ Success! She loved it.


So did I. It was freaking neat.


Just gonna show you how beautiful this place was. Keep in mind that it is all hand blown glass!

DSC01272 DSC01278 DSC01279 DSC01280 DSC01284 DSC01292 DSC01295

The creator, Dale Chihuly lost his eyesight in one eye and took up painting. This was our favorite since it reminded us of a golden snitch. ^_^

DSC01296 DSC01311 DSC01316

The Space Needle was exceptionally pretty last night too, lit up in purple, standing out against the fog.


There was a lot of us trying to get certain angles on the pieces. =P



Is it nature or man-made?


Gorgeous right!? Anyway just wanted to thank my mom and Rita for spending time with us and taking us out on this amazing night! It was just breath-taking.

On the drive back to the Eastside, I devoured a peanut butter cookie my mom so sweetly gave me. ^_^ nom nom.


One thought on “Glass Museum

  1. I think this is exactly what you needed! How beautiful, it really boggles the mind how some have this amazing talent, breath taking! Thanks for sharing, and I hope today has been a good day for you. 🙂

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