Found Release

Yesterday I finally found release from all the stress I’m under. Tell you about it first. ~.^


First off I started my day with a bowl of Weetabix with half a pear, drizzle of sunflower seed butter, and some dried cherries.


Then after long hours of class and me realizing I have to force myself to care and thus no texting in class (I know I can’t believe I’ve taken this up this awful habit either…), I had a delicious lunch of zucchini, pumpkin & ricotta brown rice noodle lasagna with some winter slaw. It was superb! Good job, cafeteria.

During my last class of the day I finally found out that I got an A on my first exam! =D Yay! I made a few stupid mistakes but oh well. Since I didn’t have much to correct I was out of class early and headed straight to de-stress…

I now have a pool!!! That’s right =) With a little bit of help from my parents (seriously, where would I be without them?) I’m able to afford the swanky health club that’s kitty corner from my work. And it has the most amazing pool! It’s a salt water pool so I don’t even have to reek of chlorine. Yesterday I swam for 60 minutes loving every second. It’s like I can completely shut off my thoughts and not be go-go-go. Nothing can touch me while I’m under the water.

Once I was finished I felt so tired but…relieved. Like the way you feel after having a really good cry. ❤ I know now that I have to keep this in my life even if it means buying cheaper food to afford it. ~.^


Anyway, when I got home I needed a snack. I grabbed a carrot and a celery stalk and dunked them in ranch dressing. They tasted like heaven. Honestly people, I used to turn my nose up at this simple snack and you might as doesn’t sound very good, but once you have a bite you’ll be amazed!


When Chase got home for dinner at 7pm I reheated another two slices of Costco veggie pizza and sautéed the last of my kale. It felt so good to be nourished by warm and comforting food!


I also took it a bit easy last night since I got the things I wanted to get done, done. That meant I had time to finally start my first new winter cross stitch, The 12 Days of Christmas! Man the border is intricate but it felt so nice to just be taking time for me. =) I also ate a square of Intense Dark Cabernet Matinee chocolate.

Anyway I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for hanging in there with me through my dark and dreary posts. =) I promise things can only go uphill from here and that you guys really keep me going when I want to give up.


3 thoughts on “Found Release

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Your mother sounds like a total sweetheart, by the way. And congrats on your A on your exam! It sounds like things are finally falling into place for you. You’re going to be just fine, I can tell. ❤

  2. Good work on your A! It’s such a rewarding feeling isn’t it? (When they’re not so great THEN you stick up for yourself and say they don’t define you! But when it’s an A you just can’t help but feel a little proud :3). I am glad you found some comfort and are back in flow. Also a great feeling. I’ve had a stressful week at work and I have a tendency to wake up very anxious, but now that I’m past Wednesday I feel a little lighter 🙂 By the way, your cafeteria food looks super gourmet! I’m envious. When I lived in a dorm the food was SO suck. It was offensive… :/
    Carry on strong and keep up the good work! And remember to just take it one thing at a time when you are feeling overwhelmed. This always helps me 😀

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