Bear With Me

Arg.I know I have time to write right now. I got up 30 minutes early and won’t have time tonight! But for some reason, the words just aren’t coming. Bear with me…


Yesterday morning I grabbed an apple to get my metabolism going at 4am. I managed to nibble on half of it and saved the rest for another day.

photo 1-7

I got my 10 minute break pretty darn early though, so I happily sipped down a doppio ristretto with one pump cinnamon dolce, hot water, and a splash of half and half. This is seriously “my” drink.

photo 2-7

Breakfast was also relatively early, around 8:30am! =O Tired of the breakfast options at Starbucks, I brought the last of my Kashi Golean Crunch from home along with some Treasure Trove trail mix. I dumped it all in an oatmeal bowl, got some fresh blueberries and some nonfat milk, and enjoyed. ^^ Also sipped an iced doppio ristretto with one pump pumpkin spice and half and half.

I’m not gonna lie. This shift felt extremely long, most likely due to being a slow morning. I felt like the minutes inched by! By the time I was off at noon I was in a it’s-been-a-long-morning zone out


I grabbed a Grande Black Tea Lemonade with no sweetener and threw together this funny lunch of reheated sage delicata squash and rose fingerling potatoes with a side of RF Wheat Thins and cheese. You can always tell when it’s the week my CSA is gonna come on. ~.^


Lots of studying ensued until I found I needed something more so I nibbled on popcorn.

After my intuitive eating class (and thus a 20 minute walk) and Chase’s arrival home, we hit the gym for a 15 minute elliptical and a 15 minute stationary bike. My knee hurts pretty bad when it bends but I got a good sweaty workout in.


For dinner I had roasted broccoli and red bell pepper with mushroom ravioli, EVOO, and balsamic glaze. Holy yum. I’m in love with these ravioli.


Even after that rich dinner I wanted a rich dessert. Two squares of this Ghirardelli Intense Dark Sea Salt Soiree. Mmm this may be one of my new favorites! Thanks mom! ~.^

Anyway need to walk to school shortly. I have big social plans tonight!


3 thoughts on “Bear With Me

  1. This doesn’t have much to do with your post today, but I have just been wondering, what is a ristretto? How is it different from a regular shot of espresso? Fun language fact: stretto means “narrow” or “limited!”

    • Great question! A ristretto shot is a shorter shot. Water is pushed through the espresso grounds for a shorter period of time. A lot of people, myself included, find these type of shots to be sweeter and less bitter than regular shots. =) That’s why I like them!

      • Wow cool! Definitely trying this the next time I go to Starbucks! I love discovering new things to enjoy that I didn’t know existed. 🙂

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