Study Buddy

Ah sweet Sunday. I love my day off. Sadly, my day off was packed full of studying. My own fault really.


Breakfast was an unexpected want of Weetabix! That’s right, it’s back! I topped it with a banana, dried bing cherries, and a drizzle of sunflower seed butter. Mmm mm! I added the milk after the photo so you all could really see what was in there.

Next it was on to studying. I worked on my Medical Nutrition Therapy practice problems and assessment project which I enjoy. Then it was on to tidying up my notes for Advance Nutrition Principles, which I don’t enjoy.


Lunch was a nice break. Two slices of Greek pizza with two roasted beets.


After lunch I got to work actually reading the ANP book and found it putting me to sleep so I made a ristretto iced latte with 2% milk and caramel drizzle. Also wanted to show off my latest cross-stitch pattern, Around the World: Japan, I finished a few nights ago. Now I’m taking a forced break from my hobby (to allow my eyes some time off) until their Xmas patterns come out in Nov. ^_^


Vinni, as always, was an excellent study buddy.


However, Ophelia would rather help her daddy kill bosses in video games than her mother learn! What a spoiled baby.


For dinner I had RF Wheat Thins, cheddar cheese, red pepper and tomato roasted soup, and half an orange. It was exactly what I wanted!

Later I ate an unpictured square of dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt.

Well, here’s to the start of a new week!

6 thoughts on “Study Buddy

  1. My cats rather sit on my notes or textbook than on my lap. Sorta hinders my studying rather than helping, but it’s hard to stay irritated at them when they start with the flexi-paws and motor. But oh gosh, your cats are adorable as ever! ❤

    Regarding your post from yesterday and dropping out of your courses — do you want to talk about it any? It sounds like you're under an epic ton of stress and those early mornings probably aren't helping you any. (When I'm exhausted, I get irritable as heck and am easily overwhelmed. A good night's sleep really does make a difference in my mental health.) I went through something like that before, too, and wound up dropping a few classes and paring back my work load a bit. By the time the next semester rolled around, I was so bored from my hiatus (and got some of my emotional bagged sorted out) that I didn't mind the busy-ness as much. You've come so far and accomplished so much and I think you'd make an excellent RD and Intuitive Eating coach. So, if you want to share, I'm here for you.

    • Thanks so much for your support, Kaz. I don’t know if I really wanna talk about it because I feel like I’ve just said everything so many times, mainly to Chase, that I’m just tired of it! I just feel so disillusioned with the program I am in and even with RD’s in general. The amount of stress just does not equal the final result. Overall, I just don’t know what I want to do with my life anymore.

      Thanks for the reminder about being an intuitive eating coach. I DO really believe in that. But on that note, the people in my Intuitive Eating class have been sucking the passion for it right out of me. I know I shouldn’t let them do that but seriously one girl said the other day “I don’t understand how people can have such issues with food. I mean, I just eat.”

      -_- It just pissed me off how naive and out of touch with the real world a lot of the students at my school are and it made me ashamed to have to be from there. They also really like to hear themselves speak so it detracts from my learning from the actual IE counselor (our professor).

      ARG. Ok thanks for letting me rant. I’m done!

      • Dude, I get ya. I totally get ya. Just focus on why you’re there in the first place, hey? It’s something you believe in, and you feel passionate enough about it to commit your life to studying about it so you can later help others.

        Lemme tell you straight up — most other RDs are pretentious arseholes and the programs you are in are quite a bit of fluff and nonsense. Yeah, there are the science courses and some psychology classes, but there are other, silly and nonessential lectures, too. HOWEVER. You’re better than that. I mean, your classmate who “just eats” — okay? Good for her? And how is she going to help patients/clients if she lacks essential empathy? (Which you have! You are so relatable! Don’t forget that, okay?) She’s never going to be a successful RD because she simply does not *get* it. She may go through the routine but it’s never going to click for her. You, however, have the life experience and the conviction to push through. YOU are going to help people, not them.

        I feel the need to elaborate on the “pretentious arsehol”e remark I made above, so you don’t get the wrong idea about my statement. However, yes, many RDs are good people, but when you read those blogs written by RDs? OMG, they’re SO orthorexic and shriek in fear when presented with anything processed. They live and breathe by faulty dietary dogma and pick daintily at salads when others are enjoying cheesecake. And they’ll probably look down on their obese and struggling clients. However, you have a realistic and balanced approach to food and eating and you’ve struggled in the past with your weight, so you are going to HELP SO MANY PEOPLE! Do not let the jerks and idiots ruin the program for you.

        I clash horribly with what I’ve read in nutrition books. Even though I don’t eat the so-called ancestral diet, I totally believe it’s a correct way to go. Saturated fat and cholesterol are healthy foods and whole wheat and brown rice are toxic. Can you imagine how ridiculed I’m going to be when I present my bias to my classmates once I start my career track? I’m going to probably be livid the entire time I’m taking the classes, but damn’d if I’m gonna let their malarkey hold me back. I think you’re the same as me in that sense — you know you’re smarter than your classmates and it angers you to see them floundering around like smug bints while you have the advanced cognition to actually comprehend the material and apply it to future situations.

        Anyway, look at me. I’m ranting now, too! Hah. I guess I’m just that outraged on your behalf. You are stronger than you realize and smarter than probably your entire class. If this is your goal and your dream, you’ll push through. If not? Well, that’s fine, too. You’ll find something else you believe in. But I think you’ve got this. You’re going to be the real RD, the one who actually helps people. You just gotta slog through the bullcrap and once you’re done, you’re going to help so many people. And if it turns out that it’s not for you? You’re going to make the best choice for YOU. And that’s totally fine and okay, too. ❤

        • Kaz, thanks so much for your words. They really help. But as you said tons of people will conflict with my views, I’m just not sure if I want to always be fighting an uphill battle. Is that awful? Yes I believe in what I believe and would be happy to share it, but there are so many people who just don’t wanna hear it. =\

          I guess that’s where I’m at. Questioning if it’s all worth it.

          Thank you so much again. ❤

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