Like I mentioned, yesterday started off strangely with a phone call from my manager saying she didn’t have her keys to get into the building anymore. While I waited for her to let me know it was okay to come into work I ate half an orange to jump start my metabolism at 4 am. 


We were able to get into the building due to the construction crew (our store is going through a remodel) still being there, but we couldn’t get into the safe to have cash! So we had to give everything away for free until an assistant manager got there with keys. >.<

On my 10 minute break I sipped down a tall iced Americano with one pump pumpkin spice sauce and some half and half. I dutifully tried to study for my Diseases Processes exam.


For my breakfast around 9am I ate a Spinach Feta Wrap while I tried to cram some more. If you do ever get these, have them heat it on 2 so they aren’t as soggy!


I got off work at noon and headed straight to Trader Joe’s for my yearly pumpkin binge! Normally I wouldn’t buy these products (added sugars and not so stellar ingredients), but hey, sometimes you just gotta try fun products!

While I shopped for pumpkin treats, a slurped down a tall iced Americano with a pump of pumpkin spice and some half and half. Mmm pumpkin.


For lunch around 2pm I had some tomato and red pepper soup, a 2% Strawberry Banana Chobani, and the last of the Wheat Thins with cheese. Gonna go buy another box so these will finally loose their hold on me!

Then Chase and I were off to the gym for a 30 minute bike followed by arm workout. It felt so good to move my body!


For dinner it was all about leftovers: roasted delicata squash, rose fingerling potatoes, and yellow onion, roasted red beets with balsamic, sautéed kale, and bay leaf infused black beans.


For dessert all I wanted was a banana! These babies are perfectly ripe with a hint of green. ~.^

EEP! So sorry this post is so late! I forgot to hit “Publish”. -_-


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