Healthy Snacking

You will not believe it but I am starting this post freaking early in the morning.No really. My manager managed to throw the keys to the building away. AND the spares. She’s now waiting for one of her assistant managers to hopefully wake up and get her message. >.< I feel so bad!

Anyway, it gives me the time to tell you all about yesterday!


It started with a really untrying picture of Kashi GoLean Crunch and half an organic gala apple. It’s the only fruit I had! =D Sorry my breakfasts are so disappointing lately. There’s just not enough hours in the day to make a hot breakfast. =/


After 4 hours of class lunch was well needed. I had a bowl of tomato soup with oyster crackers (which was super yum! My school knows how to make a good soup at least..) and a side bowl of a beet and carrot salad with a few pieces of marinated tofu.

Completely satisfying!


Around 4pm, my very last class of the day, I snacked on the other half of my morning apple with a little wedge of cheddar cheese. Mmm, I forget how much I love this combination.


A lot of the time when my cravings and crazy snacking is worst, it’s right while I’m trying to make dinner (or waiting for Chase to come home so I can eat it!). Taking the awesome advice from yesterday’s comments, I’d hit up the store for some Simply Dressed Ranch dressing to go along with some raw produce!

Holy moly. It’s funny how it’s the simple combinations one forgets. This was outstanding! I think I used to be turned off by veggies and dip because I was so afraid of the fat and calories in dip. Now, I don’t get some gross-ingredient low fat Ranch, but I don’t use very much at all so I’m not worried. ^_^


It was so good I even had a few pieces of broccoli along with a carrot while I waited for dinner.


Dinner was also delicious and veggie based: roasted delicata squash, rose fingerling potatoes, and onions, along with sautéed kale and black beans. Plus a hard apple cider because it was a rough day!

I really intended to head to the gym. Honestly. I even got my clothes and shoes on…but then I let Chase talk me out of it and relaxed and did some cross stitch instead. I definitely need to rework my workout schedule with how busy I am now. =/


For dessert I had two squares of Ghiradelli dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt. ❤

Anyway hope you all are having a happy Friday!


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