One Early Day

Well since I am randomly up an hour early I might as well fill you all in on yesterday! It was my first opening shift at my new job.


Which means I got up before 3:30am!! Since I wanted to start my metabolism I had an orange and some water. I’m not 100% sure I need this but we’ll just see how it goes.

photo 1-4

Around 7am I got my first break and sipped down, happily, a doppio ristretto with one pump pumpkin spice, hot water, and a splash of half and half. Since I’m having so many extra drinks with this job, I’m really trying to keep the slurping calories low. One pump of PS is about 33 calories, and the breve is about 20-40 keeping this drink below 100 calories.

photo 2-4

My actual breakfast was around 9am. Like I said, I’m gonna try some things I wouldn’t normally have. For example today I tried my first savory croissant: Butternut Squash and Sage. It was pretty tasty but not really my type of breakfast. I may still try the other two vegetarian flavors but I may not. For my drink I had the exact same thing as before only iced.

My 7.5 hour shift flew by and I love my job! It’s so busy doing things I enjoy!


I got home around 12:30pm and reheated some lunch from yesterday. I also sautéed some kale for more bulk and color.


I also slurped down this venti Valencia Orange Refresher. Definitely consuming way too much sugar with these. >.< Must opt for a better option like iced tea!


While working away on studying Disease Processes I eventually got hungry again and snacked on some Wheat Thins and cheese. I did really well on not going back for more…


…until after 5pm when I got home from my class and I was so hungry for dinner. >.< I’m really trying hard to figure out what exactly I should do about this obvious food issue. Do I go out and buy even more Wheat Thins, forcing me to have them around always and thus they lose their “eat me now!” hold over me? Or do I never buy them again? I think I need to do the former. =/ It’s how I kicked my crazy trail mix and peanut butter issues so I know it works, it’s just scary to do.


For dinner I finally finished off the ginger tofu and veggie stir-fry with forbidden rice. For dessert I ended up eating two squares of dark chocolate.

Wow, looking back over my eats I definitely have some changes I need to make.

  • Less sugar
  • More veggies in place of simple carbs!

Definitely gonna look out for more veggie-heavy snack options. Please post a comment if you have some good ideas!


6 thoughts on “One Early Day

  1. I recently ate the most incredible thing ever — two slices of toast, a thick smear of goat cheese on each, and a slab of sliced tomato (which are, of course, fruits, but who’s counting? ;D) on top with salt and pepper. That was part of a meal, though, but for snacks, maybe some wasa crackers with a layer of reduced-fat cream cheese (or full fat!) and tomato slices? But don’t forget the pepper!

    I’m so rubbish at eating my veggies. I’ve gone to the old fall-backs of carrots + hummus and ants-on-a-log. You can also maybe make a collard wrap or something? Like, a large veggie leaf filled with yumminess, like a layer of dip and some sliced tomatoes for texture or wrap some guacamole in a collard wrap? I also like carrots dipped in peanut butter, and cucumbers (also a fruit, but hey) with garlic salt and pepper.

    When I’m trying to cram veggies in for dinner, I really like green beans with a runny egg on top and melty goat cheese and sriracha. Or, since you like tuna salad, you can wrap it in a romaine leaf or collard? The crispness might be refreshing, actually. I’ve also been eating roasted nori because it’s easy to throw into my bag (pre-prepared, though, since my kid brother bought me several boxes of them on clearance when I said I would like “one or two.” XD) . Since nori is about, what, ten sheets for about 2-3$, it’s not the worst thing ever. I’m not too sure the mechanics of roasting it, but it’s probably not unlike roasting other veggies, but just for a shorter duration. It’s not that awful un-roasted, though, if you want to use them as a wrap for some cream cheese or something.

    Sorry. I babble (as usual!) but maybe I was a bit helpful? A tiny bit? Maybe? X)

    • Arg! I totally started a reply to you in class today and then the silly class distracted me and I apparently just closed it!!!

      Thanks so much for the snack ideas! I actually don’t really care for cream cheese (since Chase loathes the stuff I can’t eat it fast enough before it goes bad) but thank you for the reminder of just simple veggies and dip!! It’s so funny how it’s the simplest combinations we forget.

      I’ve actually never tried carrots and PB because it just seems wrong but if you say it’s good I gotta at least give it a try! Taking a lot on faith here. =P

      I do like those roasted nori sheets but find I get tired of them fast. Another excellent choice though! Honestly you helped get the thought process rolling a ton! Thanks!

  2. Wheat thins are the bomb! That’s a hard one. On Sunday I have been roasting veggies to snack on. This week I did Brussels sprouts, green beans, and an acorn squash. Whenever I feel munchy I’ll put a few of the veggies in a bowl and eat that as my snack. Obviously I know they have calories but it will do less damage and actually make me feel like I have something in my gut. I also have my go to celery and carrots with hummis or Greek yogurt dip from costco. Anyhow hope that helps. Funny you mentioned pb are you not eating it anymore or just taking a break?

    • Heidi!

      I knew you’d notice my lack of peanut butter. ~.^ I actually guess I’m just to the point that it’s so acceptable for me to have I no longer crave it! Honestly, I just haven’t felt like it lately as crazy as that may sound. It feels good that I can open the fridge, see all my many jars of nut butters, and not have to use them. =)

      Wheat Thins ARE the bomb and I think I am going to go the route of always having them on hand like I did with peanut butter. This really seems to work well with foods I have trouble moderating. (Only food I’m not brave enough to try this with is tortilla chips!) At least these wheat thins though are whole grains and have a lot of dietary fiber.

      Love the roasted veggie idea! I think where that doesn’t exactly work for me as a snack is that I just gotta have finger food! I also don’t like my snacks hot for some reason. I think I’m going to try good old veggies and dip for awhile!

      • I actually eat them cold they just taste better to me I guess I’m weird 😉 I hate how food can have so much control over us! I do think that having certain foods on hand you feel like you have no control around is brilliant! I have this on going battle with oreos I love them but know they are no good for me but I bought some on sale and still haven’t opened them just haven’t felt like it, so weird especially because I’m pms-ing 🙂
        Your doing great Robyn so proud of you girl! My hero ❤

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