Celebrating 6 Years

Yesterday should have felt extremely long, but it was actually a really great day. =) photo 2-2

It kicked off bright and early with a quick (didn’t give myself enough time) breakfast at work. Spinach Feta Wrap (which are freaking delicious, but tell them to cook it on a 2 setting so they aren’t soggy) and a tall iced Americano with one pump Pumpkin Spice and a splash of half and half. From now on I’m going to be linking the foods I eat at Starbucks so you all can check out the nutritional info easily, to see if it’s something you’d like to try. ^.~ I warn you though that I may be trying some foods that I wouldn’t normally touch if I saw the calorie info on them!! So at least now you’ll have an idea.  

My 5 hour shift went great and I’m really loving my job. Yes it’s hard, fast, HOT work, but I feel like I’ve done something with my day. Plus, I just love to feed people.


My lunch around 2pm was something really special. You see, I missed Chase and I’s six year anniversary when I was in Montana (September 5th, for the record). Since I’ve been back we’ve been meaning to make up for it and celebrate with an expensive restaurant.

Chase chose Tokyo Steak House in Bellevue and we decided to go for lunch to save a little money. The restaurant is vast and had pretty neat lighting.


Because we really wanted souvenir mugs (yeah, we’re silly), we ordered their expensive specialty drinks. (It was 5 o’clock somewhere, right?) A Geisha for him, and a Banzai for her. The mugs rock but the drinks were actually not very good tasting. It was difficult to finish them!


The food was also very mediocre. I got the Teppan Yaki Tofu Vegetarian platter and just ate the tofu, some of the very oily and buttery veggies and some rice. It was very under seasoned and the use of butter in Japanese food is just wrong.


But hey, the main thing we wanted (and got) was the experience of having a chef wow us with his spatula twirling skills and lighting things on fire while cooking our food. ^_^ Nah, we probably won’t go to one of these again but now we can say we’ve done it!

After our meal, having both drunken, we walked around downtown Bellevue for an hour or so, window shopping and just having fun spending time together. Hell, I even got another square white plate (seen in next photo) from Crate & Barrel! :O Very slowly building my set. One plate a year…Maybe I’ll make it a tradition and always get one for our anniversary.


Much later that night when we were finally hungry again, I just really wanted simple delicious food. Reheated brown rice and quinoa with some sautéed kale. Perfection.


I saved a little room because I made us brownies with toasted almonds. =D I ended up eating two with some milk while Chase and I played more Magic. I’m actually getting pretty good and winning blocks! I’m kind of hooked..

Anyway, it was so nice to celebrate six years with the man I love. =) It’s definitely been some fun and entertaining times!

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