Bleh. I’ve got time to do today’s post tonight so I’m just gonna do it! I actually got a nice nap today.


First off I wanted to show you all what I’ve been working on (very sparingly) since I finished my Summer Sampler! Can you tell what it is? (Psst it’s Japanese.)


Breakfast this morning was not what I wanted but was what I had time for. Cold cereal. Kashi Golean Crunch with a really really overripe plum that tasted like “forest” and a little toasted walnuts. Sadly I didn’t make it through all this fruit I got 2 weeks ago in my CSA. =( I hate throwing it out but man is it off.


After getting out of my two morning classes about a half hour ahead of schedule, I grabbed some tortilla soup in the cafeteria and drove home to eat. Why? Because I felt absolutely awful! Now I keep getting little flash fevers, have a runny and congested nose, a slight cough, and just feel BLEH! The throat pain is gone at least though I am gunky.


To cool off after the hot soup and fever, I had a small bowl of Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt with a spoonful of almond butter.

Then I headed back to school, but only for an hour. I had my first class of Intro to Dietetics where we work on getting ready to apply for internships. Since I have the same professor (who is really great) in that class as I do in my Advance Nutrition Principles I apologized to her that I wasn’t going to stay for that class (which would have kept me at school three more hours) and headed home to rest. It was just not my day.


When I got home I took some pills (they are completely out of my medicine now!!) and drank some orange juice. I then ended up taking it easy cross-stitching a little and napping for the rest of the day. I’ve never ever missed a day of school during the first week in my life!! Please please let me get better!


Dinner was simple. Seed’s of Change Brown Rice and Quinoa with Garlic mixed with frozen veggies and topped (after the photo) with some nutritional yeast “cheese” sauce. I’m glad I added the veggies because at first it was just gonna be a bowl of rice! My sick palate is killing me. I really wanna get back to cooking and have in fact had some tofu marinating for days! >.<

Anyway I’m gonna crawl into bed and pray I wake up tomorrow for work 100% well! =D


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