A Really Long Day

Ug. I am sorry this post about yesterday’s eats is so late. -_- I’ve been blowing my nose and feeling like crap all day long. =/ Let me try to remember yesterday through the haze…


Oh yeah! My Wednesday started off really really early (5am!) with a breakfast at Starbucks. You see I can get a free drink 30 minutes before my shift ^_^ and 30% off everything else so it cost me less than $2 for a doppio ristretto with hot water, one raw sugar, and half and half and an oatmeal with fresh blueberries and a fruit, nut, and seed medley. I’d never tried the new blueberry mix before, but I really love the fresh blueberries! The medley wasn’t that good and I really didn’t wanna touch the agave syrup, so next time I think I’ll just get the blueberries and the old nut medley.

Anyway while I slowly enjoyed my hot breakfast I read the most dense book for Advanced Nutrition Principles ever. I got through one page…

My 5 hour shift was good, I learned the POS and worked on writing cups and bags.


By the end though I was exhausted, feeling very sick, and very thirsty. I got a free venti Cool Lime Refresher and slurped it down on my way home.


Kind of feverish, dizzy, and overall drained, I went with whatever was in the fridge for lunch. I actually ended up only eating half of this Tupperware of ravioli with Alfredo sauce. I picked out the really good mushroom raviolis and left the cheese tortellini for Chase. ^_^ Seriously, try the mushroom ravioli at Costco. It’s outstanding!


I worked the rest of the afternoon on my studies until I had my only class of the day at 3pm. Feeling like some fresh air would be good for me, I walked the 20 minutes to school. Have I mentioned my school is located inside a state park? It was a nice walk but luckily my friend, Desiree, drove me home. ^_^ It was really damp out and got pretty chilly.

I’m pretty excited about my 3-5pm class. It’s called: Intuitive Eating and Other Philosophies. Yep! Right up my alley.


Dinner that night was reheated tomato bisque with forbidden rice.


Then while Chase and I watched the long awaited movie, Sharknado, I snacked on some popcorn and two squares of dark chocolate with caramel and black sea salt.

I don’t know how it’s possible but I actually had a hard time getting to sleep last night. You’d think I would have been exhausted…

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there with me! This first week has been a rough one!


4 thoughts on “A Really Long Day

  1. I hope you feel better soon! Totally sucks that your body betrays you *right* before school starts and a new job. Sending healing vibes your way! ❤

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