Mug of Medicine

So my first day back in school went okay.


Woke up still pretty darn sick though so I kept breakfast simple and just had a bowl of Stonyfield’s Low Fat French Vanilla yogurt. Slid right down my aching throat with ease.

On my way to school I stopped at the open pharmacy and looked for the medicine that works for me, Theraflu. Sadly I found out there is a shortage of the stuff since they had to shut down some of their factories, but I found the last box of off-brand! Even though it was for “nighttime” I sipped it down during my first class, Medical Nutrition Therapy.

The teacher in this class seems awesome and I’m actually pretty interested in the subject.


Nothing in the cafeteria sounded good for lunch. =/ Honestly, I almost got nothing but I could feel how badly my body needed fuel so I grabbed this small container of quinoa beet salad. Due to my sick palate, I could hardly taste it so I slowly got it all down.


During my last (3 hour!!) class, Foundations of Counseling for Dieticians, I snacked on this last packet of trail mix from my family reunion. It wasn’t hunger but a need to keep going.

This class also sounds really great and I love the professor. But since it’s three hours long I must admit I got a bit bored! Reading the book was also very boring…


Dinner around 7pm was much needed. I scarfed down a bowl of Pacific Hearty Tomato Bisque with forbidden rice mixed in. Wow, hot food tasted sooo very amazing. Soup and rice is another great combination I owe to my mum.


In fact, it fueled my appetite for more. Dessert: 1/2 cup Stonyfields yogurt, 1/2 cup Kashi GoLean crunch, spoonful of crunchy peanut butter, and dried tart cherries. YUM.

I’ve just drank another mug of my medicine and am going to hit the sack. No I didn’t finish all my homework but I figured it’d be best for me to take it easy and get better than really push myself on an assignment that’s not due for a week!



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