New Game

Well sorry to disappoint but I was so worried about being late to my first day at Starbucks yesterday that I just grabbed what I already had made in the fridge for breakfast.


That’s right, good ol’ banana overnight oats topped with sunflower seed butter and dried cherries. I’m so over these things I wish I didn’t have two already prepared in my fridge!! I couldn’t even eat this whole jar. I swear “newer” breakfasts are coming soon.


It only takes me 5 minutes to drive to my new job. =D In fact, I could even bike the 3.5 miles but when it’s dark and rainy out the hill is pretty dangerous as far as traffic is concerned.

Once I got to work I was given my very first free beverage! =D Apparently I can get one up to 30 minutes before my shift starts. Definitely a very smart way for the company to keep their employees punctual. I had my go-to doppio ristretto with 2” hot water, one raw sugar, and breve. It was pure bliss and such a welcoming way to start my early morning. ^_^

My 5 hour shift was hot and intense. Since this store is in the midst of remodeling the manager (who I love!) didn’t know how to work the air so we pretty much poured sweat. Awesomely enough my new makeup stayed intact, go primer! A lot of my bar skills are still there but this store has food that you warm up so it’s a whole new game. I’m excited to learn everything but daunted by the task.


By the time I got home around 12:30pm, I was absolutely famished. I quickly heated up lunch of forbidden rice, sesame crispy tofu, and raw celery and red bell pepper. Devoured!

Chase and I have been waiting for September 27th for a long time because that was the date that the new black of Magic cards came out! We headed to Bellevue and spent probably too much on the card game.


Once at home we settled on the floor and designed our decks, munching on Doritos. (Luckily, the bag was almost empty.)

After a round of games (I won once!), Chase and I headed to the gym and did 15 minute elliptical followed by 15 minute stationary bike. I’d loved to have done more but I don’t want to force Chase to do more than he’s comfortable with and have him quit all together. I still got a good sweat in and was so happy we could be physically active together.


Dinner turned out delicious though, I admit, looks a little..creepy? Mexican black beans on the bottom of this dish, sautéed kale, forbidden rice, and nutritional yeast cheese sauce. I put the rice on top to show off how cool black rice looks! One warning though, if it gets stuck in your teeth it’s hella noticeable!!


The rest of the night was spent playing Magic and sipping on a crisp hard cider.

Sorry this post is a bit later than normal, but I’ve had a rough morning. =/ Laters!


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