Summer’s Winding Down

So as I transition from summer to school year and from unemployed to employed, I’m just going to try and get my daily post in whenever I have time! Sorry to not be more organized than that but I don’t wanna leave you guys hanging! That said, not even gonna wait for tomorrow morning to post about today since I have my first Starbucks training shift first thing in the AM!


This morning started off…well almost not in the morning! I slept in until 10am due to going to bed soo late. Probably not the smartest thing to do with school starting next week but hey, it was really fun hanging out with my boyfriend.

Anyway, I again had problems figuring out what to eat for breakfast. In the end I ate the last two French cookies and waited for lunch.


Around 1pm I had breakfast for lunch. ^_^ Two eggs scrambled with spices and red bell pepper and two slices of whole wheat toast with my a smidge of butter and my dad’s homemade low-sugar plum jam. I just love eggs and jam.

The_Worlds_End_7 (source)

With the rest of our day Chase and I headed to a movie we’ve been dying to see since it came to theaters while I was in MT. The World’s End is a Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movie, two actors that Chase and I love! Honestly though, I expected it to be funnier. =/

Afterwards we headed to Bellevue to hit up the Walmart so I could look for some special craft supplies I need for some Xmas gifts I plan on making. Sadly, I didn’t find them but I did grab some things I’d like to eat for breakfast.


Now this Walmart in Bellevue is right next to our favorite Chinese place, Szechuan Chef, so we just had to get some take-out. When we finally got home to eat (around 6:30pm, darn traffic!) I served my Sesame Crispy Tofu with forbidden rice and raw celery and red bell pepper. The raw veggies actually made this dish really enjoyable and less weighed down by fried food.


The rest of the night is going to be spent working on my next cross-stitch project, drinking the amaretto sour Chase made me, and watching one of my favorite movie’s The 10th Kingdom! I have an early morning so hopefully I won’t stay up too late. ~.^ Night!


4 thoughts on “Summer’s Winding Down

  1. Oooh, so World’s End was a bust, then? I didn’t get an opportunity to see it when it first came out so my fella and I decided just to wait and buy it when it’s released on DVD. I’m glad I held off, then. Thanks for the head’s up on that!

    Congrats on the new job, by the way! That’s an awesome gig! Maybe possibly sometime you could do a blurb on your blog about the lingo and how to order at Starbucks? I never know what to get, and you’re always naming these amazing, fancy-sounding things that you order there. I usually just gape at the wall then blurt out something unoriginal like, “Mocha frappuccino*, please!” then spend the rest of the time trying to steal my partner’s drink because *clearly* his is better. XD

    (*Go me! I totally spelled that correctly the first try! Heh.)

    • Yeah I was a bit disappointed with it. I just didn’t LOL as much as I do with their other movies. Defiantly worth a rent though.

      I’d love to do a post on ordering at Starbucks! =D That’s a great idea. It may not be until winter break but I’m definitely writing that one down. Dude, I never spell Frapuccino right. -_-

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