Steps and Beets


I was up early yesterday to hit up the 9am Step class at my new trial gym. First though, I knew I’d need a little food but didn’t want anything that’d weigh me down. I  made a smoothie with milk, Swiss chard, frozen mango and pineapple, and a little bit of coconut oil. I used too much milk and ended up with double the smoothie! I sipped down half (darn that Swiss chard, the taste really gets me) and saved the rest for another day.

So how did the Step class go? Honestly, it was the worst exercise class I’ve ever taken. The “instructor” (I use that term lightly since it implies they “instruct”) pretty much just made sure she got a good workout and to hell with everyone else. Half the class was at least first timers and instead of helping us she’d just yell things at the top of her lungs that we didn’t understand(for example “DO A BASIC L!!”) and even went as far as  to tell us that it was our own fault if we weren’t doing it right. Seriously. I couldn’t believe this lady was teaching the class. I’ve done a lot of group classes in my time and was just shocked by how awful this one was. The sad thing is that it looked like it could have been a really fun exercise if only someone had showed me what the hell a basic L was! =P I won’t be going back to this one though I did get a good workout trying to keep up.


When I got home I needed a little something more to get me to lunch so I had two of these French cookies Chase brought home from work with some milk. Wow, the French really know how to make a subtlety sweet, excellently textured cookie! Maybe I do like French food. ~.^


For lunch I was determined to use some of my fresh CSA produce! I sautéed kale, quick boiled corn on the cob…and had to eat before my roasted beets were done. =( I subbed in some NatureBox Santa Fe Corn Stix.


Apparently I’m totally the girl who will have a beet for a snack. =P This roasted golden beet hit the spot and kept me from looking for a mid-afternoon sweet.


By dinner time though I was more than ready to eat! Three slices of cheese pizza with steamed green beans and red bell pepper in a ginger dressing. Nom nom nom. I made sure to eat slowly and analyze if I really needed the third slice. I did. ^^


Later, with a headache, I heated up some milk and made a Ghirardelli Chocolate Mocha. I bought this cocoa mix because I really wanted to get something that doesn’t have a lot of funky ingredients. However, it really isn’t my thing. =/ Too rich!

Anyway I’ve got plans to actually leave the condo today so I best get my butt in the shower!


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