Free Day

Not gonna lie…it’s a little strange not having school or a job to take up my time right now. My new job, I haven’t told you guys about, got delayed due to the background check not being submitted. Soo…I have some free days!


Our fridge is pretty bare. I mean, we at least got produce yesterday when my CSA came but I still feel like I don’t have many options. Maybe I’m just too used to the plethora of options I had at my dad’s! Anyway I went with an Uncooked Tortilla with the last of my Adam’s Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter and some golden raspberry jam with milk for breakfast.

With my free day I got to work on my cross-stitch (have three squares left so trying to at least do one a day) and watching Breaking Bad. Anyone else watch this show? It’s really not my favorite by any means, just something to have on to multitask to.


My one “to-do” was to get back over to the gym, VisionQuest, and fix it so Chase and I can still get the one month trial we tried to start before I was so unexpectedly pulled out of state.

I was happy to find that they were willing to work with us and we now have a free gym until October 21st plus two free passes to try out their TRX class (which Chase enjoyed the little trial we got last time). He’s going to shoot for working out 3x a week with me and if it’s something he wants to keep in his life we’ll join the gym, if not I’m gonna join the expensive one at the bottom of the hill which has a lap swimming pool!

Anyway, I did 30 minutes stationary biking (short because the bike I was on was so freaking difficult I couldn’t get the seat right) followed by some weights. Not going to lie, I really missed the pool. =(


Around 1:30m I really needed to make some lunch. I ended up creating tuna salad Swiss chard wraps along with a not very ripe nectarine and a small cup of Treasure Trove Trail Mix. At first I liked the wraps since the chard didn’t have too much of a taste. But by the second one I was tasting it and gagging a little! >.< Man, such a good idea but not quiet for me.


Around 4pm I was feeling pretty faint so I had to make a snack to tide me over until dinner. Two graham crackers with huckleberry jam and Sunbutter with milk. I really just wanted the milk but I’m apparently not at the point where I just drink milk by itself, though I think I’m getting closer!


Dinner felt like it was missing protein. Whole wheat rotini past, sautéed kale, steamed green and yellow beans and red bell pepper, and a smidge of jarred Alfredo sauce. Really tasty but lacking…


Which made it so I needed more. I ate one square of Cabernet Matinee Dark Chocolate while Chase and I played more Diablo 3 on PS3. (really having fun playing a video game with my man again!)


And later a little cup of NatureBox Santa Fe Corn Strix. I also tried to chug water to see if that would help. Man I better get me some beans soaking!

Anyway sorry there was no MT recap yesterday. I started writing it and then was really not into it. =/


4 thoughts on “Free Day

  1. Want to see a pic of the new ride!
    And I hope you start up your swimming again gotta do things you love to do especially when it comes to exercise. Hope your having a good Sunday 🙂

    • Heidi!! I took a picture of his new ride but it didn’t do it justice so I haven’t posted it. Since that day though it’s just been rainy and overcast so I may just go ahead and show that one. =P Just know it’s even nicer than it looks!

      To be honest I’d really really like to get back to swimming full time but if it’s a choice between getting Chase to get physical activity and that, I’m going to choose Chase. ❤ Man do I love swimming though!!

    • Thanks Glo, but I’m on the other side of the lake where there is a lot less city pools. I’ve looked into it and I’d have to get a membership either at the YMCA or the club right down the hill from me. =/ Sadly the one public pool that was SUPER CLOSE (is in the park right next to my school) was shut down two years ago due to poor ventilation.

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