Wow. While I’m writing this I’m packing to go back to WA! I can’t believe how fast a month flew by.


After an intense 60 minute lap swim yesterday, I came home to half a plain bagel with peanut butter and local peach jam with a glass of milk, while I read the paper on quinoa being grown in MT! Crazy. It’ll be very interesting if it works.

At 11am I met up with yet another old middle-school friend, Kayla,  for two cups of plain old coffee. It was so great to catch up and see what she’s been doing with her life! It’s stupid that when I finally move away, everyone else moves back! I’m just not meant to have friends…

Blog UPLOAD102

I smartly had packed my lunch and headed straight from the coffee date to work to chow down before the office opened again. I had two slices of leftover Bridge Pizza and salad with cherry tomatoes, pickled beets, and dill green beans. I used some of the leftover ginger dressing from the Mustard Seed and it totally hit the spot! As a palate cleanser I ate a juicy nectarine.


Later in the day my mom brought the whole office chocolate chunk walnut cookie from her lunch date. Early cookie Friday since I won’t be here for the next one? I ate it while I rushed about; we were so darn busy!


By the time I got home after 7pm I wasn’t really hungry for dinner. I ate the last piece of the plum torte (which my dad kept reminding me was saved for me!) with a glass of milk and got to packing. Who knows where my appetite went!?

Anyway I get back to WA late tonight and I’m not sure when I’ll be posting. Be patient, I shall be back!

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