Bust After Bust


I’m definitely going to miss my early morning 60 minute lap swims and meeting the day like this. One things for sure about Montana, it sure has beautiful big skies.


To use up my NatureBox Blueberry Almonds, I made a bowl of Kashi GoLean and topped it with dried blueberries and fresh homegrown plums. Ya know, this Kashi didn’t taste like I remembered it! Too cinammony. Have  I mentioned me and Cinnamon aren’t friends? He’s pals with Ginger so none of us get along.

Since I’m only working afternoons these last few days, I spent my morning watching Breaking Bad and going to town on my cross-stitch. No, I don’t think I’m going to complete it in MT but I sure as hell am going to try and get it finished before school starts on September 30th!


For lunch I had a wonderful lunch date with an old middle school friend, Kappa! I hadn’t seen her in probably five years and we didn’t keep in much contact throughout high school either. Still, we chatted like we were old friends. =) I hope we can continue to improve our friendship.

While we chatted we ate at Cafe Dolce in the mall. I had a large house salad and a double shot low-fat mocha. I was surprised that their large salad doesn’t come with bread like the half does but oh well. It was still delicious!

Blog UPLOAD101

Work went extremely fast and before I knew it I was having dinner with my mom, giving Riverside Cafe another chance. My mom and I really wanted to like this place…but alas it was another dude. We split a mixed green salad that was to die for…but our entrees were pretty much inedible. I got the Lobster mushroom “steak” with salt-baked fingerlings, braised spigarello and pear, and pickled smoked onions. Honestly, I get that they tried to give the mushrooms flavor by charring them, but all I could taste was propane and charcoal. I tried to eat one side of the plate but couldn’t even finish that. Bleh. We’ve given up on this establishment. =/


Super dissatisfied and acknowledging that this was our last mother-daughter dinner outing before I leave, we grabbed a new flavor of Talenti gelato, Sea Salt Caramel. Sadly this was another bust. =/ Way too sweet and no salt tones at all!

Gah. Definitely time to depart when we can’t even get a good ice cream!!

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