Asian Amazon

Aww Saturday. How I will miss having nothing to do on Saturdays. ❤


Started around 7am with 3/4ths of a bagel covered with peanut butter, raspberry freezer jam, and my dad’s newly made plum jam. I was too full to eat the other 1/4th. I know I’m totally going overboard by making both halves when I used to just make one!

With my morning I got myself out there and did some errands. Got a few things at Target, went to Michael’s and bought the correct needles for my cross-stitch, and browsed Barnes & Nobel just for funsies.


Once I got back home it was lunch time. Boy was it delicious! Leftover Bridge Pizza salad with a smidge of poppy seed vinaigrette and the last piece of the amazing peach, tarragon, and gorgonzola pizza. It’s crazy but the strong tarragon flavor totally tasted like I was eating sausage! Took me way back to eating Meat Lover’s Pizza Hut pizza in my early youth. This of course, was way better. ~.^


At 2:30pm I met Karlie at her house to nab some of the shoes she was getting rid of. It’s crazy that we have almost the same size feet though she is way taller. Seriously, with these giant feet I should have been an Asian Amazon. -_- Anyway made off with two pairs and then we headed out for some fro-yo! I went with plain tart yogurt with the toppings of strawberries, banana, peanuts, and mochi. Man I wished I’d gotten some chocolate toppings halfway through this!

It was fun to have one-on-one time with Karlie and chat. I can’t believe she is going to be moving out of state soon! I’m so happy for her to start a new life but it’s going to be so strange to come home to Missoula and not have my oldest childhood friend to see.


After a detour stop at my mother’s to pick up a book and try to break into her locked trunk (where her keys were..) I made it back home hungry. Don’t ask me how that was so! I made a very small plate of nachos and then worked on my cross-stitch. My goal is to finish before school starts!

I’m so glad I didn’t cram myself full of nachos (major trigger food!) because dinner was outstanding and yet so simple. Boca burger with homemade S&P pickles, grilled corn on the cob, fresh homegrown cherry tomatoes, and a plethora of grilled veggies. I LOVE GRILLED FOOD! Grilling adds so much flavor. By this time next year I’m gonna have a real grill of my own.


For dessert my dad baked his famous plum torte. My goodness is it perfection with it’s fluffy texture, cinnamon spice, crunchy walnuts, and juicy bursting plums. I really gotta be careful these last few days so I don’t eat all the baked goods in sight!


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