Old Families

Yesterday felt great. I went to bed at 8:30pm the night before so I got plenty of sleep before my 6am alarm went off for my 60 minute lap swim. It felt so great to be back in the water, besides the fact that I got a bug bite around my right eye during the night so wearing my goggles was a bit painful! >.<

photo (5)-3

My breakfast consisted of a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt, freezer raspberry jam, peanut butter, and half a cup of Optimum Slim for some crunch.

photo (6)-3

We finished our search for a new employee after two long and grueling days so my mother kindly treated all of us at the office to lunch! I ate 3/4ths of this Rabbit Habit from Staggering Ox (on French bread, garlic ranch, and no sprouts) and the whole bag of Sun Chips. Wow was I hungry!

photo (4)-3

After eating we all felt sooooo tired. Big big lunches are very bad. We wanted naps! A few hours later we all managed to perk back up by having little fun size bags of M&M’s. =p


After work we were off to a very fun dinner party at the Kahl’s! I know I’ve mentioned Karlie a lot, we grew up together (In fact we used to tell people we knew each other the day after Karlie was born), but my family and her family have been buddies forever! Even my jet-legged dad arrived. ^_^

photo (3)-4

We started out in the beautiful evening air with some delicious caprese salad and white wine. (Also some unpictured a-mazing spicy dilly beans they can every year!)

photo (1)-9

We had a completely vegetarian feast! Ronnie brought Mexican tempeh stuffed zucchini, Karlie made an avocado and garbanzo bean salad that I actually liked (normally those beans have a funky texture), and the main dish was a mouth-watering vegetarian Moroccan tagine dish with beans and sweet potatoes.

I had a little of everything but continued to save room..

photo (2)-5

..since we were having the freshest corn I’ve ever eaten! Seriously, we picked them, then boiled them..


…then ate them! Wow. Fresh corn is sooo good.

The rest of the night was spent teaching everyone Mexican Train and laughing.

photo (7)

Before we left though we had to dig into Karlie’s freshly made and locally grown apple pie! Wow. This pie was outstanding. Thanks to the Kahl’s for hosting an amazing night!

Please go enter my Huckleberry Jam Giveaway! I promise you this stuff is good!!

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