Dad Time

So unlike the past two weekends (where I went to the cabin with my mom), this weekend was all about spending time with my dad.

photo (1)

But first I spent a lazy hour reading in bed with my Drug-bug. ^_^ She seemed to enjoy us not getting up so damn early!


Then I had a big breakfast of a toasted blueberry bagel with Earth Balance and a mug’o’milk while Dad and I chatted.


Then we got to baking! My dad is excellent at making biscotti and since I had a hard time making some last year, I asked him if he would go through the entire process with me so I could see what I did wrong! Turns out my dough was way too wet and thick! It was totally cool seeing how easy this recipe can be as long as you know what to look for.

Once we had baked biscotti we nibbled on some small end pieces.


Then we were off to the Honda dealership in the hopes that I could test drive my favorite car, the Honda Fit Sport. Sadly, the only automatic Fit they had was out on a test drive when we got there so instead the salesman showed us a different one and explained the differences. I just wanted to drive!! But alas, I was not meant to. When the automatic Honda fit Sport came back the lady bought the car so they had none for me to test. >.< Oh well…at least my dad approves of my choice of car. We may go back next weekend and try again.

What’s your dream car?

The next hour was spent sweating in the backyard in the sun. I’m determined to fix these really prominent tan lines I ended up getting when we were in CA. However, I hate sun bathing. Too darn hot! After an hour I couldn’t handle it anymore.


So instead at 1pm, I ate lunch. Last of the tempeh meatloaf with leftover sautéed veggies and some unpictured tortilla chips.


The next big thing in my day actually had to do with my mom! We headed to the pool for an hour recreation swim so that she could teach me the breaststroke and the flip-turn! Success! I now feel confident enough to continue to practice these two things during lap swimming. =) Two things on my Must Do While In Missoula List and they are now done!!! Thanks mom!


Once back at my dad’s it was time to try out a new recipe. We made stuffed zucchini tuna boats.I’m not sure where my dad got the recipe from or I would link it. >.<


They turned out delicious! I had a small chunk of each one (two different cheeses) and a side salad. I’d poured a glass of white wine but ended up putting it back once I got talking to my sister on the phone.


Instead by the end of our talk I wanted comforting hot chocolate! With a biscotti of course. ^.~ I laid in bed for the rest of the night watching Sleepless in Seattle then drifting off to sleep.

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