A Sunday in Bed

So I’m not going to have much time to write tomorrow morning (office donut run followed by interviews), so I figured I’d just get you all caught up on my life tonight. ^_^ Hope you don’t mind.

This morning I was up super early (5:25am) to get my dad to the airport. He’s off back to California for my cousin’s wedding! Clearly, I was needed here so I sent him off with orders to take pictures of (at least) the bride (my cousin, Diana!) and the cake. ~.^


When I got back home I climbed back into bed until 8:30 am when I woke up ready for breakfast. It was rainy and cold out so I felt like a hot breakfast of toasted sesame seed bagel with peanut butter and two kinds of jam, raspberry freezer jam and local peach jam. All washed down with a big mug of 1% milk.

Dru and I spent the rest of the morning in bed reading on my dying Kindle (poor Dorian,  I’m totally getting Amazon’s new one soon!), napping, and cross-stitching. I also did laundry and tidied up.


Lunch around 1:30am was reheated tuna boat, tortilla chips (which I have now put out of sight!), lemon cucumber (meh didn’t taste much different) and cherry tomatoes.


For the rest of the afternoon though…I super snacked. It’s that time of month as you can clearly tell. One (success, only one!) biscotti with a 4oz glass of milk.


Then a bowl of fat-free popcorn and a tablespoon of chocolate chips.


It was kind of nice being in charge of my dinner like I’m used to. I kept it simple with a Boca burger, sautéed local kale, cherry tomatoes, and Seeds of Change brown rice and quinoa with garlic. It all tasted wonderful! I also finished that glass of white wine I poured last night.

I can’t believe I am about to start my last full week of work this week. My time in Montana has flown by. I am so grateful I’ve been able to have some quality family time and help my parents out when needed. =) This will definitely be a summer I’ll never forget.

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