Tempeh Meatloaf

I was so ready for it to be Friday yesterday. All the muscles in my body felt exhausted. As I did my 60 minute lap swim all I could think about was the next two days away from it!


Breakfast was a Tupperware of Kirkland Nonfat Greek Yogurt with gooseberries, a dollop of local peach jam, and a spoonful of peanut butter. It needed more texture but I scarfed it down anyway.

Blog UPLOAD96 

Work outfit: Black slacks, blood red lacy camisole, grey sweater with these awesome shoulders! I love the lace. I never imagined I’d be such a girly girl. =P If I ever have to pick out a wedding dress it’s going to be hard!!


It was Cookie Friday at work and while I tried to hold off eating my cookie until lunch or later, at 11:30am I succumbed. Later in the afternoon me and my co-worker Connie split one more. ~.^ Ok from now on I gotta wait for lunch!


Speaking of lunch, my packed one got locked up in the office so I splurged and bought one while I was paying a bill (seriously of 19 cents..) at the mall. Half of a house salad with a slice of baguette and a 12 oz latte. I was so out of it I forgot to preference milk so I believe this baby was made with whole. O.O Tasted like ice cream.


Dinner was something completely different tonight. My Aunt Karen and Uncle Nelson gave my dad this cookbook called Everyday Happy Herbivore and I was determined to try out a recipe! It’s a low-fat vegan cookbook. In the midst of beans & faux meat I found “Tempeh Meatloaf” and I knew what we were making. The verdict? It actually tasted really good!! What I loved best was that it was actually easy to make. Normally I don’t end up cooking vegan because there’s sometimes so many different steps to the recipe or so many different ingredients. This cookbook though is filled with actually easy recipes and simple ingredient lists!

Surprised that this is actually a cookbook I want to try more of, my dad gave me his copy and is gonna get another one. ^_^ Very excited to get back to my little apartment in Washington and explore some cooking! Thanks Uncle Nelson and Aunt Karen!


After dinner I was off to be a little socialite again! Tyler and Shay wanted to meet up again for drinks. So back I was at Stone of Accord (had the same waitress as yesterday =p) sipping on a Hendricks gin & tonic with muddled cucumber. Since I had to drive myself I stuck to one which is normally very hard for me. But you know what? It felt really good! Indulging without going overboard.


When I got back home around 10pm I was feeling a little hungry so I made a small (I seriously need to learn to add scale to pictures..this is a very tiny dessert plate!) batch of nachos. ^^ Blame my dad! I got home today and immediately pointed to on top of the fridge where I could see the bag and said “Damnit dad! You went to Costco and bought my favorite chips.” >.<

While I did think about making more nachos I instead brushed my teeth and got in bed to…


Try out my new cross-stitching/reading glasses!!


That’s right. I’m old now. And yes that is an eyeglass chain. I’m going all out with this.


2 thoughts on “Tempeh Meatloaf

  1. First of all
    Miss Robyn if I had to pick a Disney princess to match you with you would be snow white my favorite ! You are so beautiful! Every single picture you have taken of yourself in work clothes absolutely stunning ..Not only do you look beautiful but most importantly healthy and happy! Keep doing what your doing

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