Salad Winner

Man I love working a full day. Seriously, it feels good! Especially when that full day starts with a 60 minute lap swim.


Followed by a bowl of Optimum Slim with gooseberries, blueberry almonds, and some dried blueberries. I know it’s a strange combination but I’m hooked!


Work outfit: tiered black and white polka dot skirt, black camisole, see-thru green, white and black flower top. This is one of my favorite tops but sadly it is getting old!! I kind of refuse to retire it though.


After a long and grueling morning, I had lunch all by myself. It reminded me of the school year to come. >.> I’m totally the girl who shows up for lunch, sits down awkwardly at your table, eats her lunch, nods to the conversation, then, when finished, rushes on back to the library! I don’t got time to talk *hit with you!

Anyway today I had homemade tuna salad, cherry tomatoes, pickles, and half of a Broadway Bagel. I was so hungry I devoured this without really tasting anything.


And then decided a little handful of happy was in order. I think all vending machines should be replaced with these 25 cent dispensers. They give you the perfect amount to satisfy without overdoing it. 


(I’m noticing that my pinky likes to go it’s own way…does anyone else’s hands do this too?) For my afternoon snack I snacked on this tiny local Macintosh apple. Unfortunately maybe these babies have gotten too old and fermented because my stomach filled up with painful gas!


As soon as work was over I was in the car and headed to eat my favorite salad in all of Missoula (That’s right, Mustard Seed, I’ve given up on you!) with my dad. Stone of Accord’s Warm Brie Salad which includes  mixed greens, warm brie, granny smith apple, Cajun candied walnuts, red onion, tomato, and croutons with a honey red wine vinaigrette and the best darn piece of Irish soda bread you’ll ever have. I ate the whole damn thing minus one of the big chunks of cheese without feeling stuffed. This salad just hits all the right notes!

In fact, it was so satisfying I didn’t even think about dessert the whole night! Instead I went home and Skyped with Chase (it was our 6 year anniversary!!) and did some cross stitch in my new glasses (picture tomorrow!).

6 thoughts on “Salad Winner

  1. Raw apples wreck my stomach, too! Last year, I noticed that I could finally eat them again, but you’re the first person I’ve noticed who actually acknowledged the tummy issues from eating them. Maybe it is the age of the apple, like you said? Fortunately, apple season shall be upon us soon! As much as I love the fresh berries of summer, there’s nothing quite like a juicy, crisp apple. ^_^

    Your outfits are stunning, as usual! I have several old, but favorite, shirts I refuse to part with, too. Ooh, a new job? That’s intriguing! Does that mean you’re going to be staying in Montana for a while, or is this job back in Washington?

    I just wanted to let you know I’m still reading, even if I don’t always comment. My life just exploded in a big blob of busy-ness and I’m still adjusting to it. I went from summer break to taking 13 units (oh, I know, I’m such a big baby, hah) AND two of those units are…CROSS COUNTRY RUNNING! (I’m stoked, can you tell? XD) The coach is relentless, though, and has us running and because I catch the bus to school, I’m up at 5 am and won’t be getting home until about 8 pm most nights. @_@

    Anyway…before I get all TL;DR, just wanted to say hi! So, hey there! ;D

    • First off, go you for doing cross country training!! To me that has always sounded like torture but I am always super impressed by people who can do it. Do you listen to music while you run or what? I’d get so bored!!

      Yeah I’m not sure what it is about the apples. For a while I thought maybe I wasn’t washing them well enough but now that I do and I still get stomach issues I think it could possibly due to increased fermentation in the older ones. I love eating them but man sometimes I do regret it!!

      I have a new job waiting for me in WA when I get back. ^_^ I will totally announce it soon! I’m super excited about it since it’s one I’ve always wanted. No more fancy outfits though! I hope the mini fashion has helped you!

      Don’t worry about commenting, I know what it’s like to be super busy and you do not need added stress! Try to breathe!

      • Hah, thanks. ^_^ I’m taking it day by day. At least I love all of my classes (so far). When does your semester start?

        Re: the apples. Do you find that other raw produce makes you sick, too? I can’t eat raw carrots, either, because they do the exact same thing to my tummy. Again, lately, I’ve found that I can eat a few without bloating so I’m wondering if my stomach pH is changing, but then the next day, all bets are off and my tummy goes haywire. It’s so weird.

        Cross country is easy-ish (maybe? but I might be lying…the season, after all, has just started, heh), but there’s no resting. I usually run only 10-12 miles per week, but I think I hit almost 20 (or more?) this week and my legs are SCREAMING at me. I’m taking it easy today and hoping the fresh legs will help tomorrow. When my coach called to see if I was interested in joining the team, his only request was that I could run three miles without stopping. Like, once you have your base down, you’re set. We do hill repeats (KILLER, ugh) and run about 3-5 miles per day, but since it’s with the team (or usually one or two girls) I don’t get bored like I would if I were running alone. I’ll admit that I’m totally the slowest runner on the team, however. Eep. I usually watch Being Human when logging my treadmill runs, and I almost don’t notice that I’m running. I’m trying to savor it, though, since there’s only 2-3 episodes left in the season that I’m watching and only one season left after that one. T.T

        Well, congrats on the new gig in WA, then! That must be very exciting! I can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing. The fashion posts have totally helped! I’ve caught myself primping in front of the mirror, trying to piece items together. I’ll get there…eventually. XD

        • My quarter starts Sept 30th! I head back home in almost a week, then train my new job for a week, then I’ll be going full swing!

          Yes I have found that a lot of raw produce can upset my stomach. However, since I started really washing the heck out of my produce it has improved my stomach issues a lot. I also started taking a daily probiotic pill too, which I highly recommend. I’ve had probably 90% less stomach issues since then!

          Ug, since I stopped running I haven’t gotten any farther in Being Alive either!! >.< So much to do!

  2. Oh, gosh, and how could I overlook that you had a six year anniversary! That’s an epic milestone! You guys seem like such a great couple, too! Congrats! ^_^

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