Gotta Have Sushi

So yesterday was just as busy as the day before. Well…it felt like it, but no I didn’t have to get up at 4am! Phew.

Instead I got up at 6am and headed to the pool for a 60 minute lap swim. I am so going to miss these early morning swims. Sure everyday when my alarm goes off I think about not going, but once I hit the water I am so glad I’m there!


Breakfast was a bowl of an old favorite: Nature’s Path Optimum Slim cereal with Nature Box Blueberry Almonds and some fresh local gooseberries. Due to the sourness of the gooseberries this bowl feels like I’m eating candy! Each bite is “Oohh it’s sweet, crunchy, whoa sour!”.


Office outfit: flowy sloped black and white skirt, black blouse, jade bracelet, gold eyeglasses necklace. I am going to miss my office attire! (I realize I still haven’t told you about my new job I have coming up…promise I will!)


This morning seemed really long. Constantly busy and I got really darn hungry before 11am! Maybe my mom could tell because she split some grapefruit with me. ^_^


When lunch finally hit we raced to her house to heat-up Riverside Cafe leftovers! To make this squash more satisfying I added a cup of brown rice and quinoa, and some cheese on top. Man did it make this dish OUTSTANDING!


Since we were at my mom’s house, we dipped into some dessert. Heart I had a small scoop of that Sicilian Pistachio gelato while my mom had some chocolate cake. Okay so the sweet tooth may be genetic. =P


After work was finally over with I rushed to Sushi Hana to meet Karlie and Steph! We talked for 2 hours while we sipped drinks (I got a glass of Riesling) and chowed down on sushi!


We even had a second round but due to everyone eating healthier we forwent our traditional dessert splurge! I think we all left satisfied and content but not bursting and sick like we have in the past. =) Look at us growing up. I managed to not get any photos of us because I’m too awkward to ask…Everyone looked beautiful though!

Be back tomorrow@

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