Not Enough Hours

So there is definitely not enough hours in the day. This post itself proves that because my Tuesday started at 4am!


That’s right, up at 4am to head to Treasure State Donuts to observe the donut master herself, Steph, in the making of her precious morsels.


I got to watch how the cake batters come together which is really pretty smart. I would never have thought about putting all the the dry ingredients together the night before so when you’re dead tired in the morning you don’t have to think too hard.



While I didn’t get to observe the actual frying of the donuts, I did get to watch the hand-dipped decorating!


Looks so easy right?


The donut filler was definitely the coolest thing. ~.^ I may need to try a filled donut someday…




They all turned out beautiful and in only 2 hours! (with the yeast donuts of course taking longer..) Thanks Steph for showing me into your world!

After my observation, since I hadn’t eaten, I hit the pool for a 60 minute lap swim. This left me ready for a donut!


So I went back and enjoyed a lemon iced strawberry donut with a glass of milk and got an assortment for the office. I am now helping my mom out full-time so I gotta make sure they all like me right? (Book title: How to make Friends with Donuts) This donut was freaking delicious. The whole office exclaimed that these were the best donuts they’ve ever tasted and I’ve now been instructed to get more one of these days. ^^


For lunch I had some homemade tuna salad (tiny bit of miracle whip (gotta work with what I got…), Dijon, Mrs. Dash, red onion, red bell pepper), fresh homegrown tomatoes, my new pickles(!), and half a Broadway Bagel. Nom nom.

photo (4)-2

Due to my early morning I was in dire need of caffeine so I got my first PSL (pumpkin spice latte) of the season, nonfat, no whip. Ya know, I think I figure this out each year but I don’t actually like PSL’s that much!!! See, need a friend so they can remind me. (Any takers? I bring donuts!)

photo (3)-3

By 4pm I was needing a snack to keep me going so I munched on yet another local adorable Macintosh apple.

Once work was over my mother and I made it to the Tuesday night farmer’s market and got a bunch of amazing produce and goodies (yay for tea and jam!). By the time we were done I was starving.

photo (2)-4

So we tried out a new place nearby, Riverside Cafe. I’m kind of in love with the whole farm to table concept but they are always out of my price range. Luckily, my mom is so generous, especially when it comes to feeding me! While we waited for our salads our waiter brought out this lovely snack of cantaloupe, EVOO, and S&P. What an interesting and pretty darn delicious combination!

photo (1)-7

Next was the spinach salad we split that had roasted beets, roasted spring onion, candied smoked walnuts, feta, and shallot vinaigrette. The roasted onion made this dish feel so hearty! I loved it.


While this stuffed summer squash with corn pudding, crispy farro, and sweet corn parmesan broth was really good, it wasn’t my favorite. It was one of those dishes that filled you up but never satisfied anything. I ate the green squash and took the rest home. I feel like if they’d added more grains of even some cheese it would have been more satisfying.

Overall, a great experience at Riverside Cafe! I definitely would go back and try something new.

photo (6)-2

Unsatisfied my dessert-loving mom and me got some Talenti Sicilian Pistachio gelato at the grocery store. ^_^ I’m kind of loving this high quality frozen treat. I love that it has no creepy ingredients.

Anyway I’ve figured out that there are just not enough hours in the day, especially after work, for me to post. Therefore I am changing my posting time to the morning after until I get back home. Hope that’s okay!



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