Barbie Car

Man did I get behind! I’ve been so constantly busy I haven’t made time to post. >.< Fail. Anyway, let me get you caught up.

Monday (yay holiday) started off lovely.


I made Dave and my mom their very first Kodiak Cakes! They enjoyed them, but I could have made them better. >.< Not thin enough. I topped my three small cakes with three different toppings: huckleberry jam (I’m seriously getting the giveaway going SOON!), peach jam, and Kodiak Cake’s Red Raspberry syrup. I also had the perfect over-easy egg. Man I always forget how much I like eggs until I’m eating one!


Let’s see, as for activities for the day there was some archery. I was happy my mom decided to give it a shot! Maybe she and Dave will have yet another hobby they can do together. =)


Around 1pm I snacked on some salted mixed nuts and half a peach…


…and then my mom decided we should probably eat something for lunch before our next adventure. Open-faced PB&J with cinnamon peanut butter and huckleberry jam. Plus the cutest tiny glass of milk! ^_^


Then we were on to our next adventure, ATV riding!


We had a blast cruising up mountains and through trees. Dave even had to clear some fallen ones out of our way.

Now why did I enjoy this so very much? Well when I was a little girl I wanted was one of those electric Barbie cars that you could drive. All my friends had one (some had two!) and I asked for one for X-mas at least three years straight! Sadly my Barbie car dream went un-fulfilled.


Eat your heart out, Barbie. ^_^


For dinner, before we headed back to town, we had oven-roasted potatoes, roasted beets, steamed green beans (that got dyed from the beets!), spinach salads, and a Boca for me. Oh and need I forget the glass of Kirkland Margarita Wine! ~.^

Anyway I really enjoyed my time up at Dave’s cabin these past few weekends. I’m sad that I won’t be going again!

(Off to work, I swear I will get caught up on Tuesday and today tonight!)


2 thoughts on “Barbie Car

  1. Barbie cars were Rad! I always wanted a Jeep …looks like your having a good time. I cant believe your time in Montana is almost over crazy!

    • I know it is flying by…but in a good way. =) I’ve missed Chase’s birthday and today, our 6 year anniversary! I’m ready to be back with him and my babies!! (who are being potty trained!) I’m missing big things but it has been such a great time getting to spend time with family. PLUS do things I’ve never gotten to before!

      I hope things with your family are going well!

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