Little Socialite

Geez sorry this post is so damn late! >.< I was social last night instead of being a hermit like usual.

Yesterday morning started off with a good 60 minute lap swim! Yay, lesson learned that I just can’t swim except in the early morning, before I’ve put any food in my body.


After swimming, I ate a breakfast of nonfat Greek yogurt, raw oats, peanut butter, and my very own homemade huckleberry jam! (More on that and a giveaway to come!)


I was needed fulltime at work today so I got myself dolled up and headed in. I wore a white tank top, covered by a white lace blouse and one of my favorite black flowy skirts. (check out how neat the bottom is!)


For lunch I headed to my mom’s house and reheated my last pieces of pineapple chutney and walnut pizza in the oven and enjoyed them along with some raw veggies (cherry tomatoes, red bell pepper, kohlrabi, and unpicutred steamed green beans).


Work was hard and I was soo glad when it was over! Plus I came home to my dad grilling me up dinner! Grilled vegetables (bell peppers, onion, yellow squash, and Japanese eggplant) and a Morningstar Farm’s Black Bean Chipotle Burger. It was all bursting with flavor!


At 8’o clock I met up with my old co-worker friend Tyler and his girlfriend, Shae. It was fun to have people to talk to and I think we’re even gonna meet up again! Look at me having friends. ~.^ While we chatted I sipped down a dark chocolate nonfat decaf mocha. I did not want to mess up the good sleep I’ve been getting!

Anyway I shall post again tonight I swear!

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