Bagels, Jam, and Pickles

I had a productive day today.


It started with me waking before my 7am alarm, in order to eat a breakfast of half a blueberry bagel with peanut butter and homemade huckleberry jam along with a glass of milk, and then heading to the Missoula Farmer’s Market with my dad! We had a great time browsing all the beautiful produce and sipping on cappuccinos. We bought some goodies, but didn’t go over the top.

My dad sadly had a funeral to get to before lunch so we split ways and I almost headed to the pool, but the overall unease in  my stomach told me it wasn’t gonna be a good swim. Instead I went to Target and bought a bunch of new workout clothes!


My dad and me met at home for lunch and I made us bagel sandwiches with cheese, cucumber, red onion, red bell pepper, lettuce, and dill mustard with cherry tomatoes on the side. I could only eat half of mine though. =/ Sandwiches are just never my thing!!


Then we got down to the productive work! My dad and I may not do too many fancy things like my mom and me, but we still have a good time creating things. We made another batch of homemade huckleberry jam following this recipe and then salt & pepper and garlic pickles using this one! I’m so excited to be canning! It’s like I’ve found my thing. I wanna can everything!!! I’m totally gonna have to send this stuff back to my home in WA in a very padded box.


After our canning, I started feeling really sick to my tummy and weak. I thought maybe if I had a snack I’d have the energy to workout so I ate two of these (making one half of a blueberry bagel) with peanut butter. Nope, I ended up needing a three hour nap before I could get my sweat on.


But sweat I did on my old stationary bike eventually! Not gonna lie, I was a little bored during the 60 minute bike. Swimming wins but I just have to do it first thing or not eat breakfast which sounds inconceivable!


One of the nice things about staying with my dad is having all the vegetables grilled up for you by the time you get out of the shower! Tonight’s dinner was finger-licking good. A small grilled corn on the cob, Seeds of Change Brown Rice and Quinoa with Garlic (I’m kind of in love with this stuff, thank you Costco!), a tiny bit of fat-free refried beans, grilled veggies (peppers, onion, yellow squash) and some of my dad’s homemade Bhutanese ezay. I almost wanted to go back for seconds but decided to have a little sweet to tell myself the meal’s over.


One small glass of shiraz red wine and a Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate square. I’m kind of ticked at myself for not going to the Ghirardelli factory whenever I’ve been in San Francisco! It’s kind of my favorite chocolate…

Anyway we’re driving up late night to Dave’s cabin again for the weekend but this time I’m taking the laptop, driving out to the highway each night where we get service, and posting! So I will be back tomorrow night. Hope everyone has a good Labor Day Weekend!


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