Woohoo, I got at least 9 hours of sleep last night. ^_^ It felt so good to sleep in, even when I had really strange zombie dreams.


Around 9am I got up and had the only breakfast I could find: Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, fresh raspberries, and milk.

Lately my stomach has been getting pretty darn sick after breakfast. I’m not sure why, but today was no exception. I ignored it though and at 11am, I tried to swim. It turned into only a 30 minute lap swim however because with each lap I almost threw up. >.< I felt weak and feeble.


It sucked doing a short workout but I knew I was defeated. I headed to Dave’s and took a soothing shower and dressed for work. Today a black lacy blouse, kind of a beige (okay I really have no idea what color to call it) skirt with black polka dots, bow silver necklace, and black and white polka dot with bow headband. Oh and my black wedge heels of course. Bows and polka dots, baby!


I still didn’t feel good enough for food at lunch (which is saying a lot since I had leftover Bridge pizza) but luckily my mom got me a PB&J smoothie that I was able to keep down.


Around 4 I was feeling a little faint so I ate a small apple.


It was kind of a busy rough day at work so my mom and me decided to go out for dinner. We were downtown (where my mom found the perfect windbreaker she was looking for and she got me the perfect shoes for my new job (more on that later)), so we stopped at this new swanky restaurant called Plonk Wine. It has a great atmosphere and beautiful big windows for natural light. However, their tables were really small and their forks were HUGE and cumbersome!


Feeling really hungry, we started by sharing an arugula salad with watermelon, strawberries, pickled watermelon rind, house made framers cheese, balsamic glaze, and chili flakes. At first we didn’t like it, but it really grew on us! It was just soo different!


For my entree I went with the salmon roulade with a local wild mushroom and asparagus ragout and a crispy polenta cake. Holy moly, this was the best salmon I’ve ever eaten! It was so delicate but full of flavor. I wanted to eat the whole thing but I couldn’t. Besides the salmon though, I cleaned the plate!

Anyway, I’m hoping to feel well enough for swimming tomorrow morning so I better get some shut eye. Goodnight!

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