Huckleberry Picking

Man, I really didn’t do much physical activity today but I still feel exhausted!

This morning started off with me sleeping in..but apparently all I really need is an extra half hour because I was up at 7:30 am listening to the sounds of a cow elk calling. I spent another hour or so slinking around the house reading and cross-stitching until my mom and Dave got up.


They weren’t hungry for breakfast yet so I ended up eating just a bowl of Special K with Red Berries and half a banana by myself.


It really didn’t satisfy me though (perhaps due to lack of protein) so an hour or so later I ended up with a iced shortbread cookie and milk. >.< I’m definitely giving the rest of these to Dave! Anyway the morning was spent cross-stitching and going over my next quarter schedule and dietetic internship possibilities with my mom.


Before we knew it it was 1pm! Since we really needed milk (and according to Dave, ice cream!), my mom and me headed into the closest town of Superior and stopped at Jackie’s Home Cookin’ for lunch. This little diner is actually inside of an old school building!


The service was really bad. =/ Apparently it’s a husband and wife team trying to do the whole diner by themselves. When we finally got our food I was really hungry so even though it was mediocre, I devoured the entire thing of fried fish and salad.

Boy did that meal leave me satiated though. All that fat really kept me going and we didn’t end up eating dinner until after 9pm! I’ll get to that though…


Once we got the groceries and got back to the estate we sat down with some Bud Light Strawberry Margarita and listened to NPR’s Radio Lab. I’d never purchase this kind of product but it was actually not too bad. My mom says the lime one is better. =P Don’t worry, we split the big can!


Then, once Dave awoke from his nap, we were off all the way up a mountain to do something every Montanan pretty much has to do once in their lives: go huckleberry picking! Honestly, I’d never done it before!


We only did it for an hour but it was pretty fun! These little berries are hard to pick since they are so small, but it feels so satisfying to clear off a bush. With enough berries to fill 2.5 yogurt containers and stained fingers, we headed back home.


Dinner was simple: spinach salad with bell pepper, avocado, kohlrabi, cherry tomatoes, and nuts plus a small piece of garlic bread.


Though we should have called it quits with that we then went on to have vanilla ice cream with Kodiak Cakes’ Red Raspberry Syrup. The syrup was actually pretty good but I felt like I didn’t really need the ice cream period.


We ended the night with a few rounds of Mexican Train before we couldn’t think any longer and headed to bed. Quote of the night: (After playing the wrong piece) “I wanna quit now.” – my mom

I just can’t wait to make huckleberry jam now!


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