An Amazon

Ug! Maybe I should have taken a few days to recap because now I’m spent!


This morning, after having one of the worst dreams I’ve ever had in my life (no I don’t want to talk about it!), I treated myself to a ghetto mocha (instant hot chocolate mix with coffee) before breakfast.


Keep in mind breakfast wasn’t eaten until about maybe 11am. We had scrambled eggs with bell pepper, spinach, salsa, cheese, and avocado and a slice of toast with jam. I ended up grabbing too many eggs and left about half there. I was full!


Since we didn’t get much physical activity in yesterday we sure tried to today.


Starting with an 60 minute hike. It was beautiful through the woods.


With beautiful flowers to boot!


On the way back, I spotted a forest fire that had started from the lightening last night just on the mountain above us! I couldn’t believe how close it was! Dave didn’t seem worried though.


Once we got back around 3pm I needed something for my blood sugar stat. So I had my last shortbread cookie with milk. ❤


I had a very Amazon warrior woman day. First running through the woods, then bows and arrows!

Over 10 years ago, Dave lent me his bows so I could take up archery! I haven’t done it in that long, so he and I did some practice behind the house. It was a lot of fun but man are my fingers feeling it now.


For dinner we got cooking tonight. Grilled corn, steamed fresh green beans, roasted beets, and grilled salmon. I only ate half of my salmon and am regretting it a little bit. >.< Now that I’m back at my Dad’s house I’m snacking on chips!!! Must finish laundry and go to sleep since I have a big and EARLY day tomorrow!


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