Sun Rises, Fashion, and Cookies

Man I have so much to share with you all today! ^_^

photo (1)-6

First off this is my latest bed buddy. =) Drusilla has been sleeping with me every night since I arrived. She just purrs and purrs until we fall asleep and then she wakes up with my swim alarm, crying her head off, probably saying “Where the hell are you going so early!?” I feel bad that I’ll be leaving her in mid-September. =(


Besides the obvious relief of getting in my 60 minute lap swim done first thing in the morning, I also love to see the sunrise. It’s soo smoky here the sun lit up the sky with red today! I had to snap a photo.


After swimming I came back home for a breakfast of toasted multigrain English muffin smeared with creamy peanut butter and the most amazing peach jam my mum bought me at the farmer’s market. It was seriously like eating pie.


My mission to get done before work today was to find a new pair of workout shoes! My mom wanted me to have some for our trek out in the woods this weekend and I was determined to get some that actually feel good (I have strange arches and HUGE feet) and I wanted them to look good (Oooh colors)! I went to two different stores but in the end I found these amazing Brooks Ghost 6 shoes that give me support in all the right places. I had to get over the fact that they are a little too pink for me because they just feel so good! Thanks mom!


For lunch I made a green smoothie (milk, Greek yogurt, spinach, banana, frozen fruit) and had some crackers, cheese, and tomatoes on the side. Turned out to be an excellent and actually filling lunch!


Since I’ve had some requests for some fashion here’s what I wore today for my office job. w Sorry for crappy cell phone photos but the camera needed charging! Black slacks, black tank top, maroon see-thru top with lace and an awesome back that I didn’t get a photo of, my favorite gold glasses pendant, gold bird headband, unpictured gold bracelet, and black wedge shoes. 

photo (6)

As usual, I needed an afternoon snack around 4pm. I munched on the last baggie of trek mix I got from my family reunion. This mix is really good! I believe it is Trader Joe’s Simply Almonds, Cashews, and Cranberries.


Since I couldn’t get a hold of my dad (he left his cell phone at home -_-) I ended up having a quick dinner of leftovers by myself. This bowl is filled with whole wheat spirals, baked tempeh, roasted vegetables, sautéed yellow squash and zucchini, a little marinara sauce, a pinch of parmesan, and some fresh basil. I scared it down!


Feeling a little depleted and missing my Chase, I hit up my favorite supermarket to get my absolute favorite cookies. Ya know that one cookie you always had as a kid and no matter how bad it is for you it’ll always bring you joy? Yeah, this is that cookie. Iced shortbread cookies with a glass of milk. I ate two. =D Cookie Thursday?

photo (5)  

Lastly, I wanted to show off how my summer sampler is coming along! I have two more rows left and I think I will definitely get it done soon!

Anyway, I’m beat so I think I’m gonna read in bed until I can’t hold my eyelids open any longer. Night!

Edit: I will be out of internet service range until Sunday night! I will do a recap of my weekend when I get back. Have a great weekend everyone!


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