Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot


So I came from the decent 70 degree weather in Seattle, to this. It is HOT (over 90!) and smoky here in Montana! In fact, the moon is even red right now!

This morning started off absolutely how I wanted it to. I snoozed my 6am alarm until 7am but still had amazingly good parking at the pool. And then I was back in the calming arms of the water for a 60 minute lap swim. My body remembered what to do but boy were my muscles crying due to the 1.5 year absence from my favorite workout!


By the time I was done I was so hungry! I stopped by Starbucks and grabbed a iced tall ristretto nonfat latte and enjoyed it with a strawberry Trio bar for breakfast.

The rest of my morning was spent relaxing: cross-stitching, reading, and video games. Eventually I went to the mall and did a little bit of clothes shopping. ^_^ I smartly only went to one store but still ended up spending way too much and opening a new credit card Whatever . Oh well…a girl needs her clothes!


For lunch I stopped at Cafe Dolce in the mall and had a half House salad (organic greens with chevre, candied pecans, apples & champagne vinaigrette) and a cup of Tomato Bread soup. I ended up not liking the soup at all, so I just ate the piece of bread and the salad.

Then it was off to my first day of work, helping out my mom’s business. It went fine though around 4pm I had to sneak a baggie of trail mix due to getting so shaky. =( But after work my mum and I went to the farmer’s market and Costco so now I have food!


After food shopping, we ate! Boy were we hungry by then. We had tuna salad with red bell pepper and cherry tomatoes on top of a huge bed of spinach and topped with avocado. On the side, a piece of garlic bread. Mmm I couldn’t eat the whole salad (there was A LOT of tuna) but it was all soo good.


For dessert I had a small bowl of Espresso Chocolate Chip ice cream. It is definitely still summer here! I’m glad I only brought one pair of pants.

Anyway, I’m exhausted and need to get up early again tomorrow for swimming! I think I’m going to lay in bed and watch the Titanic which is now on Netflix Instant! Night!

5 thoughts on “Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. We have wildfires near our hometown, too, and with the full moon, it was so huge and orange! Stunning to look at, but yikes — I hope they’re able to put the fires out soon.

    That’s really cool of you to fly out to help your mother with the practice! What do your responsibilities entail, if you don’t mind me asking? As you (now, heh) know, I work for an OD and I love my job, but sometimes it can be really exhausting. T.T

    Ooh, and you should totally do a fashion post sometime! You seem to have a really good sense of style, and you can maybe inspire me to try to dress more professionally. I’ve had days where I rolled into the office wearing jeans and a football hoodie…the doctor didn’t mind, but after a few pointed snarks from cheeky patients, I’m trying to dress a bit crispier. Meep. ^_^;

    • Haha Kaz you crack me up! Yes you are lettuce. ~.^

      Well I’m just a part time receptionist so I don’t do all that much. Schedule appointments, check-in patients, take payments, prepare charts, check insurance eligibility, make phone calls, file, do recalls, hear any complaints and direct them as necessary. I just try to keep things running smoothly! A little less than I do at the practice in Washington but it’s less hours too so I’d expected that.

      How about you?

      OMG you want fashion sense from me!? My sister would be laughing right now. I’m not that fashionable. =P I just have a strict style apparently and go with it. It’s very…neutral tones, lace, bows, and polka dots! Very girly somehow…I was never girly before!

      • Hah. From here on out, I’m going to sign all my letters “Kaz the Lettuce.” If you need me, I’ll just be ROMAINE around…;D

        Your job duties sound a lot like mine! I’m only part-time, too, but that’s exactly the same stuff I do at the office where I work. Charts, filing, checking in/out patients, confirmation calls, answering phones/scheduling…do you have to train new contact lens wearers, too? We only take one type of insurance at our office (due to the tiny size of the office), fortunately, so that’s one task I don’t really have to deal with. Our office has been *so* busy these past few days, too, and I’m guessing it’s the students because, like, 99% of them are under the age of 20. It’s insane. Is your location swamped, too?

        Yes, do a fashion post! Your outfits are so cute! I tend to gravitate toward the girly, too, when I dress up, but my vice is sparkles and lace (and I used to be a sworn tomboy). It’s almost embarrassing, actually. Sorta looks like a shaker of glitter vomited all over my wardrobe. XD

        • HAHA Oh Kaz. Your jokes seriously make me laugh.

          Yes it is definitely the busy time of year since everyone’s trying to get their eyes checked before school starts!

          Hehe your wardrobe sounds awesome. I will try to incorporate more fashion stuff..but honestly I’m not sure you should be listening to me! I don’t honestly know what I’m doing!

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