Looking Up

This has been the longest day ever! And it’s not even 8pm in Seattle…


My day started off at 2am with a shower then hit the road to the Seattle-Tacoma airport at 3am. My flight to San Francisco (I went the most roundabout way to Montana ever. Please someone remind me next time I’m booking flights to look at the STOPS not just the arrival time!) left around 5:20am and while I wished I could sleep on the flight (I probably only got about 2 hours a sleep Sunday night) I was too awake. When the beverage cart came by I accepted my fate, drank some coffee, had a breakfast of a Larabar PB&J and read Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss. I need to finish this book stat! It’s super interesting, but just soo many facts it gets a little cumbersome.

On my flight from San Fran to Missoula my stomach was growling with hunger so I drank a small glass of apple juice to get by. There wasn’t enough time at SFO to find some food!

photo (1)-4

Luckily, upon my arrival around noon, my dad immediately took me out to lunch at The Shack. I quickly downed a cup of coffee..


Then ate half of this Fresh Vegetable Sandwich. Anaheim chile (supposedly, I didn’t taste any), lettuce, sprouts, tomato, purple onion, cucumber and avocado in season. With dijon mustard-mayonnaise. Later around 4pm I ate the rest of it at home.

My mother nicely told me to take it easy today instead of coming in and helping at her office so I went to my Dad’s house (where I’ll be staying with my Dru-bug!) to clean! I love my dad, but he doesn’t notice when things are dirty. So I immediately vacuumed up all the dead bugs in my old room, rearranged the furniture, vacuumed the bathroom, and scrubbed down the tiles. Lastly, I cleaned out his fridge. No dad, expiration date of 2009 is TOO old.Sleep and Food. Two most important things of course. ~.^


Since I ate the rest of my lunch around 4pm I wasn’t too hungry for dinner around 7pm. I still ate some though. We had a fresh French baguette  and some amazingly grilled vegetables (sweet peppers, Japanese eggplant, sweet onions) with some marinara sauce with parmesan and basil. Of course there was pasta too, but I wanted the bread instead.


Of course Italian food needs a mini glass of vino. ^_^


I just fed Tammy and boy is she looking old. She was soo happy to see me though! I intend to go on weekly walks with her and my Dad while I’m here.

I’m feeling so much better now that I’m here. Things are falling into place. I already have my swim pass purchased, got a new pair of goggles, and am hitting the pool at 6am! I do miss Chase and my babies but I know they are going to be waiting for me when I get home. =)

Night! I need sleep sooo bad…


2 thoughts on “Looking Up

  1. OMG! Tammy’s face is killing me, she is so precious!! You can tell she’s an old gal from her gray coming thru. Glad your settling in have a good day tomorrow 🙂

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