San Diego Recap Day 4 – To the Beach

Man I have a lot of days to recap! I didn’t realize just how much I’ve done while I’ve been away!


Sunday was the wind down of the reunion. In fact, by the time we got to the house for breakfast at 11 am (okay we may have been hurting a little bit from the drinking the night before) one family had already left! =( I ate another half of a sesame seed bagel with veggie cream cheese and some orange juice to try and feel better.

The morning was spent standing around talking more and watching the babies play.


The babies right now are just Raiden…




and Evan!


After seeing half the family off the rest of us went on a walk down to Ocean Beach since the beach house was that close to it! Of course though, in true Ishimaru Family Reunion fashion, we ended up on quiet an adventure. Instead of sticking to the street to get to the beach we ended up going down along the rocky cliffs. It started with a nice path…but that path faded into rock climbing and steep slopes. Rita was a real trooper with Evan strapped to her chest!


It took us so long and wore us out so much that by the time we got to Ocean Beach we made a detour and got lunch before beach time. We stopped at Bravo’s Mexican Bistro & Cantina where I had more chips and salsa plus, you guessed it, a fish taco! Gotta get my fix when I’m in this area! It was delicious and fueled me up to hit the beach!


Where most of us ended up just napping. =P Like I said, we old. Chase and I though took off our shoes and walked the whole shore, playing in the water, looking for sea shells, and starting to plan ideas for our next reunion. It was really nice. =) Just wish it had been a little warmer and more of a snorkeling beach.


By 5pm everyone was ready to head back to the house but of course we had to stop at the ice cream parlor right by the beach that made fresh waffle cones and waffle ice cream sandwiches first! I got a scoop of pistachio almond in a waffle cone but it wasn’t anything to write home about. I ended up throwing away the bottom because the cone was just too sweet.


The rest of the evening was more conversation and eventually snacks. I should never have tried this Costco cheesy spinach dip because once I did I couldn’t stop! I ate way too much of it with tortilla chips over the course of the day.


By 9am I felt like I better eat something more substantial or I would just keep picking at those damn chips! So I had a leftover slice of that Costco mozzarella, tomato, and pesto pizza.

I hate when reunions end. =( I really wish I could see these people all the time!

One more day of recap..

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