So today feels like an extremely productive day!


Started off with an early wake up so I could eat some breakfast (Kashi Golean Vanilla Graham Clusters, popped quinoa, and dried cherries) before rushing to my school to sign the papers of acceptance into the DPD program! =D That’s right, I got accepted and am now one tiny step closer to becoming a Registered Dietician Nutritionist. Hazzah.


Once I got back home we were headed right back out to take Joan (my ‘96 Toyota Camry) to the mechanic. =( She’s having issues again. While we waited for our mechanic to figure out what was wrong with her we sat in the nearby Starbucks getting some work done. While I worked I sipped on a Grande ristretto nonfat caramel drizzle latte. Meh, my homemade ones are better!

After an oil change and scheduling another appointment (egads this car is a money guzzler) we were off to get some errands done!


Once we arrived back home we made a quick lunch. Slice of Domino’s white banana pepper and pineapple pizza and salad with cherry tomatoes and golden Italian dressing.

After a bit of digesting….we went and started the free 30 day pass we had at the gym less then a block from us! Both of us! =D I’m so proud of Chase for trying out something new to keep himself healthy. Once there, we worked with a personal trainer for 30 minutes doing cardio and trying out their TRX workout! Holy moly is that suspension training hard!


Back home, we planned out our upcoming week (while I had a glass of moscato!) so that we can try as many classes as possible in order to really decide if we want to become members. It’s super convenient and is a really great price, however, I really really wanted to get back to lap swimming and sadly they have no pool. =/ I’ve decided if Chase is willing to join and continue to workout with me, that’s worth it. I’d choose Chase over swimming any day!


Dinner was the same as lunch except a Caesar dressing on the salad and I did decide to have a second slice after I finished eating and was still hungry. That TRX training really took it out of me!

Now, not only am I psyched to try out some new workouts but I’m equally excited to finally get my fresh CSA bin tomorrow! ~.^ Promise I will have more interesting foods.

Well, back to my reading glasses and cross-stitching! I need to finish another line so I can show off my progress. Night!


2 thoughts on “TRX

  1. Omigosh, congrats on getting accepted into the DPD Program! That’s pretty incredible! It’s so cool watching you go through the steps to become an RD, especially since I’m just a few semesters behind you. When the program start? Does it run simultaneously with your school semester or what? Aieeek, how awesome, though! I look forward to reading about your experience. ^_^

    • Kaz thanks for your excitement but sadly getting into the program isn’t even the hardest part. The hardest part is getting a dietetic internship at the end. >.<

      The program is through my school and I will therefore take additional classes as well as the normal classes along with the other students accepted into DPD.

      I hope you can learn from my experiences!!! Because doing these hoop jumps is hard work!

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