San Diego Recap Day 2 – SeaWorld

Warning: a ton of SeaWorld photos are about to ensue!


First morning in San Diego = The Mission for breakfast! Thanks reader Heidi for getting me hooked on this place! ~.^ I ordered my favorite Zen Breakfast (I’m worried if I try anything else I won’t like it as much as the Zen!) which contains scrambled egg whites, the best braised tofu you’ll ever taste, brown rice, grilled zucchini & squash with tomato & onion garnish. I ate until I was full and pushed it away. This vacation was all about indulging in food but stopping when no longer hungry and I did a pretty decent job of it 4 out of 5 days.


Then my dad, Chase, and I were off to face my fears at SeaWorld! That’s right the horrifying killer whale phobia! As soon as we got in the park we headed straight to Shamu Stadium to see the very first show of One Ocean.


I’ll have to admit it was pretty darn cool to see the whales that close but my heart did start pounding something fierce.


The little baby (born in February) helped a little bit though I know it could kill me just as easily as the great big ones!


Still, what spectacular animals. The fascination yet fear is on the same level as sharks for me.


They are just so giant.


And intelligent! The show was amazing.


After that we headed to the shark exhibit where I won a bet with Win. You see, me and her went to SeaWorld once before when we were very small. The only thing I remembered about the experience was the shark tunnel where the sharks are all around you. Win told me that it wasn’t there and bet coffee on it. Well guess what folks, it’s sooo there!


We decided to take in one more show, Blue Horizons, though I wish we hadn’t now. Turns out being Seattle tan won’t protect you from the sun in California. >.< It was during this show with the sun beating down on the bleachers that I think I got SUPER burnt. Still though, the pilot whales were pretty neat!


Around 1pm we were all dripping sweat and needing something cold to drink. With the handy dandy SeaWorld app on my iPhone, I scoped out a smoothie place for me! No, no greens in this baby but it was exactly what I wanted on a scorching day. At Fusion Smoothies I grabbed a Citrus Confusion smoothie which contained orange and lemon sherbet. I pretty much doubt there was any real fruit in this but hey, on vacation!


Since we’d seen the shows we wanted the rest of the day was spent walking around the park seeing the exhibits we cared about. The sea turtles were pretty freaking prehistoric looking and a bit scary!


And surprisingly touching the giant sting rays was not! It was so slimy.


The dolphins were neat but a bit hard to see.


And the sea lions were hilarious how forcefully they begged for food.


I love these cut out photo-ops. I pretty much have to do one whenever I see one.


The penguins were neat too!


Before we left the park Chase and I fulfilled a lifelong dream of having a caricature done of the two of us!


Yep we are riding a killer whale and that’s why I look terrified! We decided to leave our sunglasses on since I work in optical and think it looks great. ^_^ Speaking of sunglasses, Chase is wearing the new prescription ones my mom and I surprised him with for an early birthday present! Don’t they look great? He was wearing some huge As Seen On TV ones before….


And then we were off for the start of the 2013 family reunion! Look how big Evan has gotten!! Yes his hair has sadly fallen, but he’s still cute as a button.


It was awesome to see everyone again! Here’s Derek, Steve, Casey, and me (looking very red…) before dinner.


While everyone else had catered BBQ, I had a delicious spinach, cucumber, mushroom, and cherry tomato salad with a slice of mozzarella, tomato, basil, and pesto Costco pizza with (cough) three glasses of wine over the evening. Hey I at least stopped eating when I was full!


My cousin Chris had his 40th birthday the day before so we had a celebration in his honor!


It was pretty awesome having our whole entire family together to celebrate him going over the hill!


I tried one of the tiramisu mini cupcakes with some vanilla ice cream and a Costco cookie but I was full before I got to the cupcake! Whoops. Cookies triumph for texture.

Anyway, as you can see I didn’t take that many family reunion photos. I really had a nice time not being behind the lens all the time and instead in the moment, enjoying life. I left it to everyone else with their giant DSLR’s to document this history. Hopefully as they start to put their photos online I can add them to these posts. =)

More recap soon!

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