I could have slept all morning I was so exhausted but Ophelia and Vinni wouldn’t have any of it. Seriously, I never should have taught them talking was okay. -_-


By 9:30am I was out of bed and preparing a simple breakfast of (again) PB&J on a tortilla with ice cold milk. Yeah, I’m just waiting for my big CSA to arrive on Friday so I will have greens for smoothies again!

To get in a sweaty workout I did another 30 Day Shred in the living room. Definitely improvement from the last time but man Jillian can still kick my butt!


Before lunch I walked over to the store (which is now only a block away) and grabbed some bagged lettuce and tomatoes so I could at least have some produce with my lunch. I used a tablespoon of the Golden Italian dressing my salad came with last night and threw in a cold piece of pizza. It was just too darn muggy out to eat it warm.

I wasn’t supposed to be at work until 1:30pm today so at 1:10 I headed out to get on my bike to make the 3.5 miles quicker. However, I have the worst luck with locks. I could not for the life of me get the lock undone. I ended up having to ditch the bite and walk 3.5 hot miles to work. I ended up an hour late. -_-


Too cool off I ended up grabbing a Grande Valencia Orange Refresher. Boy did it taste good.

I’ve been having some eye issues lately and luckily the doctor had some time to do some tests. It’s not looking good right now and I’m completely bummed my LASIK awesomeness lasted less than 2 years. She’s gonna do more tests on Saturday to really pin point what’s going on, but until then I have a pair of readers to use when I’m reading or cross-stitching. =/ These new readers give me quiet a headache since I’m not used to them.

When I got off work at 7pm Chase and I headed to Target to get some things we need for our new home. No we are still not all setup and unpacked but we’re definitely getting closer!


We didn’t get home until about 9pm so I was totally ready for dinner. I heated up another piece of Domino’s white pizza with banana peppers and pineapple, made another salad, and poured a glass of moscato.


However, I ended up putting the wine in the fridge and had a 1/2 cup of Ben & Jerry’s Greek Frozen Yogurt Banana Peanut Butter instead! Wow, I forgot how damn sweet this stuff is. Must freeze more bananas for banana soft serve instead.

Anyway I have a huge headache from all the sun, eye issues, and overall exhaust. Hope you all have a good night!

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