Catching Back Up

I’m pretty darn lucky that I had a day off right after we got back from San Diego! Poor Chase had to go to work this morning.


Me? I slept in until 9am then made a PB&J tortilla with a glass of milk for breakfast. Not ready to get back to green smoothies yet since I have absolutely no vegetables!!


Today was spent doing laundry, writing recap posts, and hanging out with my babies. Vinni is all love right now. He still was a good brother and took turns with Ophie for my lap though.


Lunch around 1pm was surprisingly delicious. I had a new Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Lasagna in the freeze that was calling my name since it at least had some veggies in it! It was delicious and bursting with flavor! I don’t normally buy processed frozen foods, but it was actually really nice to have this in a pinch. Besides, all the ingredients were recognizable!


Later after still more blogging (I have a lot of recap posts scheduled!), I snacked on some trail mix to keep me going. Eventually Ophie convinced me to go lay down in bed with her and read and eventually we all fell asleep for a little cat nap. We woke up an hour or so later to find that the power had gone out!


Due to power outage Chase and I did not end up starting up our free 30 day membership and the gym down the street since they probably didn’t have power either and instead ordered Domino’s pizza. Yeah complete opposites! I ended up eating three slices of Domino’s Hand Tossed pizza with white sauce, banana peppers, and pineapple and even bought an over priced garden salad with a little Italian dressing. The salad was surprisingly perfect.

Anyway, I’m feeling really low energy now, sipping a mug of Earl Grey Crème tea and working on my cross-stitch. Night all!

2 thoughts on “Catching Back Up

  1. Welcome back! I’ve only ever been to San Diego once, a few years ago, but I loved it. From the sounds of things, looks like you guys had a great time there, too. BTW, this is totally random, but you and Chase are such a cute couple! You guys are totally the type of people I’d hang out with if we lived in the same city, actually. Like, uber-intellectual and nerdy but still cool, and I mean that in the best way possible. ^_^

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