Caring & Sharing Saturday: The Return

Yes It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these posts! There are so many interesting articles I want to share it’s so hard to choose one theme. So today you get a hodge podge of various topics. Please feel free to post your comments!

  • Fish Oil – Should You Be Taking It? – I take a fish oil supplement due to my high triglyceride levels and the history of heart disease in my family. I’d like to get blood tests done again and see if it’s affected my levels.
  • Are Artificial Sweeteners Really Going to Kill Me? – Bleh. Artificial sweeteners I just don’t do mainly because I’ve learned about all the chemical processes they go through. But I do acknowledge that they can be an important tool in weight loss for some.
  • Go-To Guide to Grains – How many of these whole grains have you tried? I’ve done 14/15! Freekeh is now on my list.
  • Vegetarianism: Health Trend or Eating Disorder Mask? – This one struck close to home for me since my vegetarianism started as an eating disorder mask. I liked to limit what I could eat. I’m not sure if I’m 100% past that but it’s definitely something I’m working on.
  • Zen and the Art of Mindful Eating – We did this in one of my Hypnotic Nutrition sessions and let me just tell you, it’s a crazy good way to get over a trigger food! For example, we did this with a Dorito and since then I never want to touch Chase’s Doritos again! When you mindfully eat them, they taste like cardboard.
  • Mushrooms: Taste of the Earth – I’m really trying to incorporate more mushrooms into my diet! This article explains all the different varieties.
  • Sure You Want That Snack? – Just a great visual comparing how many calories are in certain snacks and how much exercise is required to burn it off!



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