Alright blogging really quickly over at Waylon's house because I just wanna start my vacation off right!

Started using a new glass this morning and filled it with the most delicious green smoothie! Normal base plus banana, frozen mango chunks, and coconut oil. Man I'm totally loving the coconut oil right now.

I had an orthodontist appointment this morning so Chase dropped me off at the Starbucks close to our old apartment so I had somewhere to wait for the 2 hours before my appointment (which is right next to our old apartment). While I waited I sipped on the most perfect doppio ristretto with one raw sugar, 3″ hot water, and half and half I've had in awhile! While I sipped, I worked on researching dietetic internships. I've narrowed it down to four that I'm going to apply for. Sorry but my photo of the espresso got eaten by my phone. =(

After getting my new bottom retainer, I took maybe my last bus ride back down to work and dug into my lunch. Black beans with spinach, a tortilla, and half a cup of Greek yogurt with blueberries and a squirt of honey.

Apparently my lunch was a little on the light side because two hours later I had to break into my emergency Larabar PB&J flavor (my favorite). I ate half and felt better and I ended up eating the other half around 8pm while we packed for the trip.

Still though, when my co-worker, Jaycee, suggested that it was an ice cream day I agreed. ^_^ I got a scoop of Ube (Filipino sweet potato) ice cream and ended up throwing 1/3rd of it out. I just didn't need anymore! I should have stopped at half but the coupon-clipper in me didn't want to waste!

Now I didn't get dinner until about 10pm because once Chase picked me up at work at 7pm, we rushed home, finished packing, Chase showered, I cleaned up the kitchen, took out the garbage, and made sure the kittens had enough food and water, and then we dropve 45 minutes to Waylon and Joey's new house since they are taking us to the airport early in the morning tomorrow.

So Waylon and Joey are like the opposite of vegetarians. But sweetly, they had this big plate of vegetables waiting for me. ^_^ That's right broccolini, Brussels sprouts, and french fries. I'd also brought along a salad I grabbed at Fred Meyer and devoured every bite. Chase ate half the plate of veggies otherwise I'd be bursting!

Well, just wanted to say goodbye for 5 whole days! I'm having scheduled posts happen while I'm gone. Try to enjoy them. Have a great week everyone!


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