The Start of Shark Week

Yesterday did not go my way at all. -_-


I woke up early (Vincent decided) and decided to finish off the last two biscuits of Weetabix for breakfast, mixed with 1/3 cup of these interesting Quinoa Puffs I found. I was hoping they’d be amazing like puffed amaranth but…they pretty much tasted burnt. I think the company definitely over cooked them! I ate the cereal with half a banana, fresh blueberries, and  toasted walnuts. It was okay…but even Vinni didn’t want to lick the bowl.

I think I’m done with cereal for awhile but I’ve just got to say I’m super proud that I can just say that. Cereal used to be an all time trigger food for me and it wasn’t until I allowed myself to eat it everyday that it lost it’s power.

After digestion and starting some laundry I decided to get my workout in. Since I have no new gym (yet), I used the good old fashion one. The outdoors! That’s right, I went for a 2.5 mile run. This run was rough because it was up two very large hills!! I did it though in about 27 minutes and was so ready to relax and shower. Except the spare key I grabbed did not work!! >.< Worst luck ever.

I ended up bugging my upstairs neighbors (who I’m getting to know pretty well!), and called Chase at work using their phone. (I left mine inside) He came and saved the day and I was able to shower!


Lunch was light and delicious. I used up the last of my latest tuna salad on a tortilla with a little cheese, spinach, and pickles. I’d been really craving a banana milkshake so I did a simple banana smoothie instead. 1/2 cup milk, spoonful of Greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, and a little caramel drizzled in. The meal was the perfect size and satisfied all of my taste buds.

Next I ended up relaxing a little on the couch and eventually found that I could not keep myself awake for the life of me! I moved to the bedroom and fell asleep for a good two hours. When I awoke I couldn’t function! I could hardly move and I had the worst headache.


I crammed half of this trail mix (success, did not need the whole serving) into my mouth well forcing myself to chug water. I think I’d gotten really dehydrated since I’d hardly had any water all day, even during and after my run. Finally functioning again, I finished the laundry and did dishes.


I didn’t end up eating dinner until 9pm. I was craving pizza so I made this super simple tortilla with a little cheese, garlic powder, and fresh basil, along with a big glass of rose moscato wine. Perfect start to Shark Week! ~.^ Anyone else watch it? I totally think it’s plausible that Megalodon is still out there!


A little later Chase and I were still hungry so we ate some popcorn too.

Hope you all are enjoying Shark Week like me! ~.^ I will try to post tonight.


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