I Raised Models.

Man I don’t know what is with me these days! I just can’t bring myself to blog every night and that is why this post is a day late. =/ I’m still debating if I should haul my laptop to San Diego with me next week for my family reunion, or just leave it at home, give myself a break, and do a recap when I get back. The break may be just what this blogger needs to get her…blog back! Opinions?


Anyway, yesterday morning started with an excellent smoothie. Milk, spinach, frozen pineapple, fresh blueberries, lemon fish oil, Greek yogurt, and coconut oil. Smoothies are just rocking my socks!

photo (2)

On Saturday’s now, Chase drops me on his way to work at the Starbucks across from my work at 8am. I then spend two hours trying not to spend money (yesterday I was good and got some free hot water for my organic lemon black tea) and dink around on the internet. ^_^ Yesterday I was particularly interested at trying to get better at Magic the Gathering.

photo (1) 

By 11am, my stomach was so hungry! It had been almost four hours since the smoothie so I listened to my stomach instead of the clock and had part of my lunch early. This new Chobani Flip Tropical Escape has pineapple coconut yogurt with hazelnuts, toasted coconut, and granola and is one of my new favorites! It’s got great texture and is simply delicious! Have you tried all the Flips yet? I definitely have not but whenever I see a new flavor I scoop it up!


The rest of my lunch was eaten around 12:30pm while I read on my Kindle. I miss reading since I don’t have a stationary bike ride now! (This should be fixed once we come back from SD.) I ate brown rice, Mexican black beans, and sautéed green pepper and red onion. The half apple was a bit too much to fit in my stomach so I saved 1/4 yet again.

photo (3) 

When work was over I had a long and somewhat daunting trip ahead of me. I biked to work on Wednesday and had to get that bike back home! The problem was that the tires were flat so I had to push the bike, in my skirt and professional attire, up a hill with no sidewalk, for 3.5 miles. It actually was faster than I thought. I did it in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.


It left me needing a booster snack though. I ate three graham crackers with peanut butter and chugged water as soon as I got in the door.

When Chase got home we went and got the bike tires filled so no more of that! I’m actually quite excited to ride my bike home up that hill. I think it’ll be a great workout. Lots of good incline, but patches of rest too.


Dinner around 7pm was two tuna salad wraps with spinach and pickles. I made two because lately one has left me feeling unsatisfied. Two may have been too much though….perhaps I just need sides!


Later in the evening I ate one square (success!) of my favorite Ghirardelli dark chocolate, Cabernet Matinee, with half a glass (success!) of rose mocato wine.

Notice anything about those last photos? That’s right! After much trial and error (size wise) the light box Chase got me for my birthday is finally here!


And what does a cat do first thing when it sees a new box? Get in it! Vincent has found his true calling now that I have a box and studio lights.


He’s a model.


With Vinni hording the box (see him in the background?), Ophie felt a little upstaged.


Luckily, her daddy quickly went paparazzi on her and snuck some photos. ^_^ My models.

Anyway, I now have three days off until one day of work followed by vacation! It’s time to get things done and complete setting up our new home!


6 thoughts on “I Raised Models.

  1. I think you have been very diligent when it comes to posting maybe you just need a break and unplug! Enjoy your family and recap (if you want) when you get back. We all need a chance to unwind and enjoy our vacations w/out distractions 🙂 cheers!

  2. I love the bashful look of Vinnie in the second picture of him. And Ophelia is adorable, as usual. Your cats are such darlings! ❤

    Ooh, enjoy your vacation! You've been in go-go-go mode lately, so you totally deserve a break. ^_^

  3. hi Ifor one lovegoing on yourvacationswith you via blog. how about a compromise……. just send wordless blogs……justan idea. yournewplace looks great….looks likea fireplace

    • It’s not just the words that’s the problem. The problem is my new camera and getting pictures of it without having it delete them into the void. I am going to do a recap when I get back. It’s just not worth maybe losing all of my pictures over.

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