Sunlight Cafe

You know what? I’m really over moving. The stress, the fights, the overreactions, ect. I honestly wish I just didn’t care because it’s not worth all of this…unhappiness.

Sorry I couldn’t post this yesterday. I was in no mood to write. =/ I will try to do a better job right now.


Yesterday started off good. Chase and I picked up Delly and she sweetly treated us for brunch at Sunlight Cafe. That’s right, Chase let us go to an all vegetarian place! O


And it was pretty freaking delicious. Delly and I both struggled with what to order since we are used to only being given 2-3 options, so in the end I just pointed to something and went with it. I got the Sunlight Vegetable Tofu Scramble: mixed vegetables & organic tofu in a garlic-ginger sauce, served with home fries and cheese & half 7-grain organic English muffin. It was really damn tasty! I even liked the potatoes which is rare. I ate probably 2/3ds (It was around 11am damnit!) and ate the rest of it much later when we were trapped out and about running errands.

I loved the Sunlight Cafe. It was cute, vegetarian, and delicious. Big points in my book. ~.^ Chase ordered the Sesame Crunch Waffle and gave me a bite and it was pretty much the best waffle I’ve ever tasted. I definitely recommend this place!


After we unwillingly (our time is always so short together!) dropped off Delly at the airport for the continuation of her West Coast Crawl, I grabbed a short nonfat, no whip, cinnamon dolce latte and hit up IKEA. Boy did we have a good time there! Still managed to stay under $200 but our place is going to look so much better now. I swear I will have photos to post before we leave on vacation next Thursday.


After a lot of other errands such as Staples, Bellevue Square for a return, Best Buy, Costco, and U-Haul, it was finally time to head home around 5pm. Due to a lack of food and hydration, I had a huge craving for bubble tea so Chase stopped at Cherry de Pon (which is now on our way home..) and I bought us bubble tea! Chase wanted to try something new so he got Durian flavor while I stuck with good ol’ strawberry.

Have you ever tried Durian fruit? To some people it’s called stinky fruit because of it’s awful, rotten raw sewage smell. Well…Chase hated it of course. I thought it was okay after a few sips (reminded me slightly of almond flavor) and let him trade with me. After a few more though it tasted like onions and I had to dump it out. Bleh! Oh well, Chase saved me some calories.


Dinner was exciting with my Costco loot! I’m trying out these new Tortilla Land fresh uncooked tortillas because they only have five ingredients and they are all real food. No they aren’t whole grain but after I tried a sample I had to have them.

Anyway I cooked one up and mixed up some tuna salad with: Greek yogurt, Dijon, Mrs. Dash, red onion, celery, and black pepper. Honestly I liked my first concoction better with Dijonase. This was enjoyed with fresh spinach, half of an apple, and eventually a little cheese since the tuna salad just didn’t have that needed kick. Overall, yummy. 


Honestly though, I was in a bad mood. =/ Chase and I have just been butting heads on the stupidest things such as where to place the printer. >.< Not proud of it but it drove me to stuff my face a little more with some graham crackers and peanut butter with an unpictured glass of milk.


I then spent the evening going through old Clean Eating magazines (my goal is to actually make some recipes out of them), watching really sad Doctor Who episodes (I wanted a good cry and a good cry I got), and eventually eating some Treasure Trove Trail Mix. Half way through this though I was done so I dumped the remainder back in the beg. Success!

Perhaps today will be better!


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