Mail and Magic

So still struggling with moving issues but I believe they are mostly resolved now. Let me just tell you I will never again sign a lease without being given the mailbox key first! It’s been such a fiasco. Hopefully the packages I expect on Monday will arrive and be left unlike the package that was returned to sender the other day. >.<


Anyway, slept in until about 9:30am when the babies would let me sleep no more! I made a delicious smoothie containing milk, Greek yogurt, spinach, frozen mango, banana, fish oil, and coconut oil. Mm mm! Ok I’m back to loving smoothies.


After a bit of cleaning, moping, and then finally getting some errands done, Chase and I headed to Target to do some much needed shopping therapy. We were both really ticked off by then. Finally some fun in our day, we shared a package of Reese’s on our way home since it was after 3pm and I was getting shaky!


Once we got home we cracked into some of our purchases: popcorn, rose moscato wine, and Magic cards! Chase finally is teaching me how to play. ^_^


Dinner around 6pm was an easy thrown together black bean burrito with cheese and spinach. It wasn’t enough food though so I also had another tortilla with just cheese. Yum.


For dessert I again had graham crackers with peanut butter and a glass of milk. I just love this flavor combination!


The night was spent playing Magic, watching TV, playing video games, and just trying to de-stress and be happy. ^_^



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