So this week has been very taxing and honestly, I’m exhausted. I really don’t feel like I have it in me to even write. xx So here’s the short of it.


Breakfast: Blueberry Kodiak Cakes with a drizzle of maple syrup and toasted walnuts.


Lunch: Slow Cooker Mexican Black Beans on brown rice topped with sautéed red onion and green bell pepper and a pinch of shredded cheese.

20 minute bike ride to work was somewhat scary. It’s down a long windy hill and I was on Chase’s bike (too tall) and the tires were somewhat flat (meaning very bouncy). My anxiety levels were peaked but I made it alive.


Snack at work: two chocolate cookies (I mindlessly opened this package and realized I didn’t even like nor need them. Success that I stopped?), a doppio ristretto espresso with hot water, one raw sugar, half and half, and nutmeg. Around 5pm I got hungry and snacked on some NatureBox Salsa Spiced Mixed Nuts which are surprisingly tasty.


Dinner: two egg omelet with shredded cheese, sautéed red onion and green bell pepper, fresh basil, and ketchup, along with some whole wheat toast and jam. I love breakfast for dinner. I also love that tomorrow is grocery day!

Thanks for being understanding for my exhaustion. Night!


4 thoughts on “Exhaust.

  1. robyn, my new favorite go to lunch or dinner is 2 poached eggs on english muffin,mayo,lots of spinach on the muffin,and on top cover w salsa,red,yellow peppers & avocado if i have it. yumm!

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