And we’re back!! Man I miss the internet unbelievably when I don’t have it. I’m gonna jump straight in and get all caught up quickly since we are still working on unpacking our new place.



Sunday I was up way too early to get a lift to our old apartment to clean all day long. I didn’t shower or anything, just threw on some workout clothes and blended up a smoothie to-go. I’m really just trying to use up the produce I have so this really wasn’t a great smoothie. Purple carrot, milk, cantaloupe, banana, and coconut oil. I barely finished it all.


After a few hours of cleaning I took a snack break with a  bag of senbei and peanuts.


After more cleaning I eventually needed to rest again and have lunch. Cleaning is hard work! Not to mention breathing all the chemicals wasn’t helping. My lunch was super simple: two pieces of Domino’s pizza and a prickly passion lemonade. I’d brought along some sautéed veggies as well but had no utensils!!

Chase totally surprised me around 2:30pm and showed up at the apartment! He was supposed to work all day while I cleaned but he was a good boyfriend and took a half day so I wouldn’t have to do it all by myself. Thank the gods too because I was soo tired and sore by then. We finished the whole place around 5:30pm. What a relief!!


When we got home I cooked my first real meal in our new place. Quinoa mixed with sautéed veggies (asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms), parmesan, and fresh basil then topped with a fried egg and drizzled with balsamic glaze. It was actually really delicious but my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I couldn’t finish it.


We did a lot more unpacking and marathoned Jaws one and two to prepare for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week next week. (Any other fanatics?) Eventually I snacked on this last packet of strawberry midi Pocky for dessert.


Man did I wake up sore today. My right arm’s bicep (my scrubbing arm!) is killing me!


I made the same smoothie as Sunday and now have used up the old produce! Good, because I could only stomach half of this. The purple carrot texture just really got to me. (Clearly still trying to figure out the lighting in this place for photos!)

photo (2)-7

Due to tiredness (I really just need a day I can sleep in…) and fail smoothie I also made a caramel drizzle iced latte to go. Love my Nespresso machine!

The Food Bank is technically closed this week but there are still volunteer things to be done. Such as sorting all the incoming produce from supermarkets. Basically supermarkets give all their “bad” produce and we have to sort through all the mold and slime to find things that are still good. Me and two other volunteers did this for 4 hours. By the end I was seriously feeling so ill I was going to upchuck my smoothie!


When we took a break the only thing that helped my tummy was half a bagel. I never new overripe and rotten fruit could smell so awful.

photo (1)-11

It wasn’t until 3pm that I felt well enough to eat my lunch. Leftover quinoa and veggies from last night. I took a good 30 minute lunch, slowly eating this and boy did it help with my nausea.


Dinner tonight was…amazing! I finally tired to brave making my own tuna salad and, while it’s not perfect, I love it! This is canned tuna mixed with Dijonase (because I didn’t have any Greek yogurt), Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning, green bell pepper, red onion, and celery. Holy yum! I ate it with way too many Late July Organic Classic Rich Crackers and lemonade. I can’t wait to keep playing with this salad!


For dessert I ate these last two squares of Lindt Caramel dark chocolate. I am so psyched to be hooked up again! I promise much more blogging and sharing from now on. ^_^

What’s your favorite tuna salad recipe?


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