Full Circle

Oh my goodness have these last few days been a whirlwind. I'm so sorry I left you all hanging. =( Believe it or not I tried everything I could to blog but it was just not in my stars.

  • We won't have internet until Monday (hopefully) since our modem is so old the serial number is unreadable and therefore cannot be activated.
  • I diligently took photos of all my food and a lot of cute ones of the babies in all the boxes and unpacking…but my camera ate them. Seriously. They are just gone and I have no idea why. Don't get me started…I'm really ticked.
  • I took only a few with my phone so I'll show you them here.
  • The first night in the new place went a little awfully. I got about 3 hours a sleep due to Vinni screaming his head off all night long. Finally at 4am I had to get out of bed and go be with him in the living room. Eventually we (Ophie, Vinni, and I) all fell asleep crammed between boxes on the floor.
  • I haven't been eating that great amid the chaos that is moving (pizza, cupcakes, espresso, snacks, ect) so perhaps it's best that the evidence is lost! Now is the time to start a new and clean up my eating!! Who's with me!?

My lunch yesterday at work was this (a little too sour) Grecian Salad with spinach, orzo, kalamata olives, and feta. It was super tasty and a great feeling after eating greasy food the day before.

I've also been a Starbucks fiend. Yesterday after work, waiting for Chase to pick me up, I sipped on this grande Valecian Orange Refresher while I worked on my Starbucks application. That's right, hopefully I'll be a barista again!

And this is where I'm blogging right now, taking a break from old apartment cleaning. That's right, I've come full circle and am yet again enjoying free coffee from this apartment community. Honestly, I won't miss this place but it was a nice first home in the Pacific Northwest.

Anyway, I will have a full day's worth of eating tomorrow! I WILL not let my camera eat them. >.> And hopefully the internet will be in full swing. Maybe even photos of the new place! ~.^ Thanks for sticking around!



2 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Sorry you didn’t get much sleep, that’s the worst especially from being tired from moving. Hopefully you guys will be settled in and the babies get more comfy with their new space. On the eating front i’m with you I don’t think i’ve been eating horrible I just think too much?? Not sure but I love a good challenge 🙂 Have a nice day.

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